The News Spy Official Website Review [2022]

This article The News Spy Review will give you our findings on the platform. We've researched and ran tests on The News Spy. Let's find out!
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This article The News Spy Review will give you our findings on the platform. Is it legit or a scam? Let’s find out!

The rise in popularity of cryptocurrency trading has brought about the existence of many crypto exchanges, trading platforms, and crypto systems. Scams in the famous crypto market cannot be avoided. Further, it can be hard to tell which of the existing crypto-based platforms in the market are genuine and which ones are scams.

Thus, we’ve set out to validate one of the rumoured best crypto system — The News Spy. We’ve researched and ran tests on The News Spy.

Is The News Spy Legit Or A Scam?

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Let us first answer this crucial question, is The News Spy legit? Before talking about its fundamentals, let us clarify that The News Spy is a legit crypto system..

Although, it is not an automated trading software. It can offer the same services and more through its partner brokers. In fact, many industry experts and users of the platform have left positive reviews on the platform’s crypto system, specifically its fundamentals, partner brokers, and services.

Evidence We’ve Found | Is The News Spy An Auto Trading Platform?

Based on what we have found out on The News Spy, the platform is just a marketing website that works with the most experienced regulated crypto brokers. For the primary purpose of creating the best crypto trading experience for their users.

The News Spy is partnered with crypto brokers with an AI-based automated trading system that allows users to trade Bitcoins directly from their desktop or mobile devices.

All the information we have gathered concluded that The News Spy is not an automated crypto trading platform. Instead, it is a website that bridges new and experienced traders to regulated brokers.

The News Spy Review | The Platform And Its Goals

The News Spy is backed by its many years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. It has created a bridge between crypto investors and professional brokers on their platform. Further, this history has built its image of being a trusted, secure, and automated platform.

With the platform’s partner brokers, it assures its users with the best profit they could achieve based on their financial status and goals, along with their trading experience and skill set.

The News Spy | Key Features and Best Services

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The News Spy is a safe platform with legitimate features. The app is intuitive and straightforward to use. With an initial deposit of $250, you can start trading many leading cryptocurrencies with your partner broker.

Our team at News Spy had to test the platform for the reports’ accuracy thoroughly. This report was prepared after our team tested The News Spy tool.

Here are the key features and best services that our team tried and tested through The News Spy via its partner brokers.

  1. It guarantees a low-start investment of $250.
  2. All services come with absolutely no hidden fees.
  3. Get broader connections with reliable brokers around the globe.
  4. Offers you personalised 24/7 support and assistance from a professional and experienced broker.
  5. Provides you with access to numerous resources and advice.
  6. Assures you anonymity. You won’t have to worry about your data security while making trades. This is mainly because the platform is an acknowledged safe and secure platform.
  7. Take advantage of automated services. Brokers allow experienced traders to get their hands on high-end trading bots to execute the best trades faster.
  8. Beginners at trading will be offered with demo trading feature via partner brokers. Through this, they can get first-hand trading experience without risking their funds.

All these features and services have been possible through the assistance of professional and experienced brokers on the platform. Even an interested investor without any trade experience can start trading on the platform. Through this feature, you will be able to be connected with the best-fitted crypto broker for you and do transactions based on the current market conditions that respond well to your financial goals.

The News Spy Software | Advantages of The Partner Brokers’ Auto-Trading Robots

The need for objective trading is solved by increasing trading automation in the crypto industry.

Despite being a marketing platform for brokers and traders, The News Spy can connect its users to experienced brokers who can offer market analysis tools and automation tools such as MetaTrader 4 or 5. The news spy claims that it can enable anybody to become financially independent within just one week through these broker connections.

The News Spy features robots executing trade transactions for users using the most comprehensive analysis and data available in this field through its partner brokers. It combines accurate information with market information to convert them into profitable trades on cryptocurrency exchanges. The brokers’ trading robots are doing everything they can to help them.

The News Spy Review | A Quick Q & A

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Who Started The News Spy?

We traced the platform’s origin to the renowned cryptocurrency trader John Mayers. The News Spy developer dreamt of developing an automated cryptocurrency exchange. This dream led to the creation of News SPy. The bridge helps connect traders with brokers so that users can get the best possible returns through the most profitable trading opportunities.

Does News Spy Have a Mobile App?

The current News Spy website does not contain any Android application. However, you can access its official website using a trusted browser on smartphones, laptops or other devices.

How Much Money Can I Make Trading on The News Spy?

Because cryptocurrency markets fluctuate considerably, it’s not always a simple task to earn money online. It’s hard to know how much money one can make by trading with The News Spy and its partner brokers’ trading software.

If you invest enough, you have a chance of making a significant income. But there are also many risks associated with investing in the crypto market. Its volatility could lead to costly losses. So it would always be wise if a person supported the money only if they could afford to lose them.

Do Celebrities Endorse the News Spy?

All information we have gathered on The News Spy concludes that any rumoured platform affiliation to any celebrities or establishment is false.

Create a News Spy Account

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To do a complete review for News Spy, you need to know how to create an account with the platform.

In our experience, our account was ready within an instant while signing up. Here is the step-by-step guide we did upon doing so.

Step 1: Register

To register, you have to click on the registration section of the site. The information was gathered by filling out the full names and telephone numbers and an active e-mail address. Once we finish, we will create a password to protect your account. All these things have been made free of charge.

Step 2: Confirmation

Once you have submitted your registration for an account, a broker will call you for confirmation. The broker will give you a quick introduction to The News Spy and its system during the call.

Step 3: Deposit, Then Trade

Next, you will be asked to deposit an initial fund of $250 into your account. This fund will be used for your first trade with your broker’s assistance.

The News Spy Platform Review: Our Conclusion

This News Spy review has given you important information on the platform and its brokers’ trading system and software. Now, it’s time for you to decide whether to invest money through the platform or not. We suggest doing your research on the platform first. In the end, it is advantageous to sign up for a crypto platform that can provide you with your trading needs while at the same time adapting to your trading skills and experience.


Only experienced traders who have spent years learning manual trading skills can make some good profits using robot trading.

This review of the News Spy is not written to promote the platform. This review is to provide traders with additional research material on the platform.