Blockchain technology has emerged throughout the past 10 years and it has become an epitome for every investor in the financial markets. Its main competitive advantage is that its decentralized structure ensures security and privacy via an unchangeable record of transactions. The transparent and immutable system further benefits the user in a way that they feel protected as everything can be tracking and almost nothing can be changed or even hacked. Additionally, not only does the blockchain technology reduces transaction fees and removes third parties as intermediaries, but it also accounts for fast and direct transfers worldwide.

As blockchain technology is becoming more and more common, user-friendly, and usable throughout the years, people continue investing in the future of this business as they see its great potential and unoptimized capacity. On the other hand, regulators and institutions supporting the current banking system feel endangered by this newcomer to the market and they become more cautious and concerned about their futuristic vision of the financial world. This might eventually result in hard times for all crypto-maniacs and followers of the decentralized idea. However, as of this moment, nothing seems to stand in the path of the development of the blockchain technology.

ZVChain gives you the opportunity to view the financial world through a different perspective. We focus on the technical part of the blockchain technology as we use a routing protocol that integrates the most valuable cryptographic cutting-edge technologies – VRF (Verifiable Random Function) and BLS (Boneh-Lynn-Shacham) consensus algorithm. Our competitive advantage is mainly focused on our business and user-friendly Decentralized Finance Ecosystem. We understand that understanding the basics and doing everything in the most efficient way possible is the essence of running a business smoothly.

Other areas that we have decided to optimize are security and regulation. We believe that nowadays, with all the cyber-attacks that happen online on a daily basis, people would need to feel that the project is reliable, effective, and single-minded. We promise to devote our time, effort, and energy on building and maintaining extraordinary customer relationship through focusing exactly on improving our safety measures.

The growth in our market community is essential for our future, hence, we will strive to make specific alignments to our business operations in order to achieve this. These adjustments include various advertising and marketing activities in order to blend in and find our best place on the current digital financial market. Moreover, as our service is of vital importance to us, we would concentrate our efforts on providing unique high-quality blockchain solutions such as a dual accounting system in order to simplify these mundane business tasks.

Our goal at ZV Chain is to expand and grow alongside with the process of development in some additional features of our product. The mission that we have focused on aims for high efficiency, increased market share, and customer satisfaction. Our team comprises of experts in various fields who are eager to bring their knowledge to the numerous decentralized models that we are working on implementing in the near future. We believe that we can make a difference in the cryptocurrency world that will change people’s perception of the whole blockchain technology. With this, we strive for further progress in the community that will elevate the way we do things and the way we utilize the potential of the digital world.