Bitcoin Code Review: Is It Worth It or Is It a Scam?

Bitcoin Code is a cryptocurrency platform that helps investors and traders interested in dealing with cryptocurrency.
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Our Conclusion

Bitcoin Code is a cryptocurrency platform that helps investors and traders interested in dealing with cryptocurrency by connecting them with reputable, trustworthy, and renowned cryptocurrency trading platforms in their area.

The brokerage firms that Bitcoin Code is closely partnered up with provide not only adequate trading advice but also offer great customer service and most importantly, completely free access to the MetaTrader 4 software.

Bitcoin Code is not an automated trading platform itself. Rather, it acts as a bridge between the investors and brokerage firms with access to the MetaTrader 4 software – the most accurate, fast, and utilised cryptocurrency trading software, including a bot, on the market today.

Various websites and reviews across the internet claim that users can make +/-€1000 in daily profits. While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of these claims, this lucrative opportunity is certainly worth exploring, which is exactly what we’ll do in this Bitcoin Code review.

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Here’s a short but concise list of some of the core features offered on the official Bitcoin Code website.

  • Various cryptocurrencies available
  • Platform accessible through both iOS and Android devices
  • Pristine customer service
  • No hidden or extra fees for withdrawing money from your brokerage account
  • Advanced encryption to protect trader data and transaction history
  • Free demo trading account for beginners and seasoned traders
  • Access to a free cryptocurrency robot
  • Can start trading with as little as $250

In this review, we’ll take a closer and more in-depth look at the platform, the app, and the official website. We’ll analyse all of the different core features of the platform, its offers, how it works, determine whether it is a legitimate platform, and check on how real the claims of celebrity endorsement are.

Apart from that, you’ll also get a walkthrough on how to make a Bitcoin Code account, all of the different verification and registration process steps you need to take, as well as some extra tips on getting your trading career started. By the end of the Bitcoin Code review, you’ll have a fairly clear idea of whether or not Bitcoin Code is the right and most suitable platform for you.

Over time, we’ve received a number of alerts that various affiliate marketers and Bitcoin Code scam websites have been using false endorsements by celebrities, fake reviews, and more to maliciously encourage members of the public to engage and invest using unregulated brokerage firms and unauthorised call centres.

It is clear that these websites do not put the trader’s interest first, and as a result, we highly suggest that you stay away from them. Bitcoin Code, on the other hand, as a regulated and legitimate platform, only partners up with carefully vetted brokerage firms that also comply with all safety regulations.

It’s also worth mentioning that these regulated broker partner platforms also feature and provide their services to traders once users make their Bitcoin Code account registration, which essentially makes this review a marketing offer.

What Is Bitcoin Code?

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A Platform that Connects Traders With Reputable Brokers

The first thing you need to know about the tool is that it isn’t a trading platform in itself. What it does is connects traders to their wide network of trusted brokers. These brokers have access to the popular MetaTrader 4 software, which is the actual platform that traders use to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies.

When creating your account, make sure to input accurate information, especially regarding your address. This is to ensure that you get paired with a reputable broker from your area. To ensure the safety and security of all traders, Bitcoin Code regulates all its brokers to ensure that they are trusted and respected professionals in the field.

However, we still encourage traders to always practice due diligence and research whether or not the broker they are paired with is legitimate and legal in their area to protect themselves from scams, legal problems, or any other malicious intent.

AI-Powered Automated Trading

One of the primary features of the platform is the automated cryptocurrency trading robot offered by their brokers. This crypto robot is powered by AI and processes tons of relevant market data to help traders make smart and hopefully profitable trades.

An AI robot processes scores of information much faster than any human being can. That way, traders can access accurate analysis of the market, so they can factor in when to perform trades and make important financial decisions. Once a trade opportunity is found, the robot opens up the trade on behalf of the user.

While the crypto automated trading robot can make your life as a trader a whole lot easier, keep in mind that you’re still liable for all the losses. The trading tool is only supposed to help you in your journey, not to make every decision for you.

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Customisable Algorithm

To ensure that the crypto trading robot makes trades based on the preference of the user, the app allows its traders to customise the robot’s algorithm to their personal liking.

Users can tweak various trading parameters such as their risk profile, risk/reward ratio, trading time, and trading capital. This allows the cryptocurrency robot to factor in all of your personal preferences against the market opportunities available before making a trading decision for you.

Aside from that, the website makes it easy for beginners to start Bitcoin trading and investing in other altcoins. Users can easily switch between automatic and manual trading modes, and if they want to get a feel of the market before trading, they can also utilise the free demo account available to every registered user.

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Popular Questions

Is It All Fake Marketing?

No, Bitcoin Code is a fully legitimate platform. Do note that the platform makes use of various marketing channels to advertise the platform, in a very similar way to virtually any other successful business out there. Our research indicates that all marketing efforts behind the Bitcoin Code website are fully ethical and legitimate.

Keep in mind that there are many copycat websites that pose as Bitcoin Code to deceive potential customers. These websites have similar designs, layouts, and even content to trick users into thinking they are legitimate. Bitcoin Code is not associated with any of these websites and encourages users to only visit the official Bitcoin Code website and to avoid any other similar or exact copies of the platform.

Most of the wild and outrageous claims out there stem from these fake copycat websites. So, keep in mind that Bitcoin Code does not associate itself with these websites, let alone the claims made on them.

Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam, and users should keep that in mind when using the app or the website. Bitcoin Code is upfront about all the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading and lets users know from the start that there is a real risk that they can lose money by making the wrong trades.

Here are a few core points that support the legitimacy of the platform:

  • Bitcoin Code is upfront about all the risks involved in cryptocurrency.
  • Many traders use the platform to make their trades.
  • Bitcoin Code, its partners, and affiliates all abide by the relevant rules and regulations.
  • Bitcoin Code requires new users to go through an intensive registration and verification process to prevent fake accounts from plaguing the platform.

Is it Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal. Bitcoin Code is affiliated with different partners, brokers, and developers that all abide by the relevant laws. To provide a safe and secure environment where users can make trades, Bitcoin Code ensures that each team member follows the rules down to the very last detail.

On top of that, Bitcoin Code makes sure to regulate all of its brokers to protect its users from scams. To prevent fake accounts from plaguing the website, Bitcoin Code requires all new users to go through a safe registration and verification process to prove their identity.

With that said, we highly encourage users to check whether the brokers they have been paired up with within their area are legitimate and trusted individuals in the field as crypto laws vary. Bitcoin Code ensures that all their brokers are reputable, but it never hurts to conduct your own research before trusting a broker with your money.

Is Bitcoin Code Safe & Secure?

Yes, Bitcoin Code ensures that all users and traders have a safe trading environment. As mentioned earlier, the app requires all users to go through a registration and verification process before performing trades to prevent fake accounts from spreading through the great trading platform. All its brokers are also regulated to make sure that they are trusted individuals in the field, capable of providing quality service to traders.

Another security measure that the website employs is high-tech encryption. Every user’s data is encrypted on Bitcoin Code, from their personal information all the way down to their transaction details.

Keep in mind that there is always a significant risk when trading cryptocurrencies, and there is no set success rate when trading on one of Bitcoin Code’s partner trading platforms. To reduce the risks involved, users need to do all the necessary research on the market and consider various risk factors before deciding on a trade that can have significant real-world consequences.

How Much Is the Initial Deposit ?

To start trading with your Bitcoin Code account, you have to first get verified. Once that is done, you will be asked to make an initial deposit of $250. Traders can make this deposit using multiple payment options, such as Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, and wire transfer.

Once the deposit is made, funds should be reflected in your account within a few moments. In most cases, funds are reflected instantly, but sometimes it could take a couple of minutes.

Is the Platform Good for Beginners?

The website and app are great places for beginners to start building their investment portfolios. Bitcoin Code features a robust, AI-powered trading robot that can help users make intelligent trades, increasing the chance of turning a profit. On top of that, there’s also a free demo trading mode that allows users to test out the market and get a feel of live trading without staking actual real money.

Bitcoin Code allows traders to buy and sell a variety of different crypto coins, which allows them to build diversified trading portfolios. And because the Bitcoin Code app has a very simple and intuitive user interface, beginners can easily navigate through the different features and settings, exploring all the different options available to them.

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Can You Customise the AI Trading Robot?

One feature that Bitcoin Code gives access to, which isn’t available with many other crypto trading robots, is a customisable algorithm. Bitcoin Code and its partners guarantee that their trading robot will only make trades that fit your preferences.

On the app, you can tweak certain factors such as trading capital, preferred trading times, the risk to reward ratio, and even set your own risk profiles that the AI robot will consider when making trades. By taking in all the market data and your preferences, the crypto robot will then make smarter and more accurate trading decisions based on your unique set of preferences.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Making deposits into your account is very easy and can be done in seconds. Bitcoin Code’s partners accept a wide variety of popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, direct wire transfers, and even e-wallet payments like Neteller.

Keep in mind, since the Bitcoin Code app connects users to brokers, each broker will have a different set of payment methods. Occasionally, brokers may not accept one or more of the mentioned payment methods, but most will. So, when making a deposit on Bitcoin Code or sending money to a broker, check for the different payment methods available and select the one which you find the most convenient.

How Much Profit Can I Make on Bitcoin Code?

There are many sites that claim you can make huge profits of more than €1000 a day. We cannot confirm any of these claims, and it should be noted that there is always a significant risk of losing more money when trading cryptocurrency, especially when making the wrong trades.

However, as much as there is a risk, there is also potential for traders to reap profits using Bitcoin Code. For example, if you bought 1 Bitcoin (BTC) in December of 2018 it would have cost you around $3,544. If you held that 1 BTC for two years until January 2020, the price would be around $9,500. So, if you sold 1 BTC in January 2020 that was bought in December of 2018, you would have earned around $6,000 in gains.

Since the app provides traders with a safe space to buy and sell different crypto coins, you can potentially earn money by making the right trades. However, you can also lose money by making the wrong ones. So, we strongly suggest that new traders use the demo trading feature and research as much as possible before heading to their live trading sessions to ensure informed and intelligent decisions.

Do Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Code?

There have been many rumours and stories circulating on the internet regarding celebrities and other prominent personalities endorsing Bitcoin Code. We cannot confirm any of these claims, and we’ll get into more detail about that later.

We urge our readers and traders to always verify information and rumours before making any decisions.

Can I Use Bitcoin Code on My Mobile?

Yes, Bitcoin Code is available as a mobile app. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and traders need to constantly stay informed and make decisions based on data analysis and other market trends. Since the Bitcoin Code mobile app is available on mobile, you can make trades anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

Answering the Question: Is Bitcoin Code Legit or a Scam?

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Bitcoin Code has a large user base of verified accounts, making trades and reporting gains when using the app. Users being able to buy, sell, and trade different cryptocurrencies on the app is a testament to its legitimacy.

Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam and provides safe, secure, and honest service for all its users. From the beginning, Bitcoin Code states that there are significant risks involved whenever trading cryptocurrencies and traders can potentially lose fiat currency on the app. However, by making the right trades, users can also potentially earn gains when using Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Code has a wide network of reputable and trusted brokers from all around the world. The site serves as a bridge between traders and brokers who have access to the MetaTrader 4 software. The Bitcoin Code team makes sure to regulate all its brokers and consistently verify whether they are legitimate, trusted, and competent individuals in the field. With that said, make sure to always research whether you were paired up with a legitimate broker in your area to stay extra safe.

When creating an account, make sure to only visit the official Bitcoin Code website. There are many copycat websites out there, which use the Bitcoin Code reputation to scam other individuals. But if you make sure to register on the official website and double-check if you were paired up with a legitimate broker, Bitcoin Code provides a safe platform for trading different cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Code: Core Features

A Secure Trading System

Safety and security are a top priority for the team. First, they make sure that all their partners and affiliates follow the applicable rules and regulations, keeping traders safe from a potential Bitcoin Code scam. The Bitcoin Code team also ensures that all the brokers in their wide network are regulated to make sure that you are connected to a trusted professional in the field.

Another security method the Bitcoin Code network employs is a verification and registration process for all users. When registering, new users are required to submit accurate personal information such as their name, phone number, and address. Once they’ve created an account, they have to submit documents to verify their identity and ensure the account is being handled by a legitimate trader interested in using the platform.

And to add even more safety for users, Bitcoin Code uses a high-tech encryption system for its data. So, all your personal information and transaction histories will be safe, and no one else can access them.


The span of a couple of seconds can make a huge difference when dealing with cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, which is why speed is key for many traders out there. The Bitcoin Code system is one of the fastest trading platforms out there. You will be connected with a broker instantly, which makes it easier for traders to secure accurate trades that could potentially earn them money.

The automated crypto trading bot offered thanks to Bitcoin Code can analyse a large amount of data, market trends, relevant news, and conduct a full market analysis faster than any human being can. And based on a combination of the market analysis and the user’s preference, it will make trades for them, providing a fast, convenient, and safe way for traders to buy and sell crypto.

Deposits & Payouts Made Easy

Bitcoin Code works with brokers that accept different payment methods for deposits. While different brokers on the platform accept different methods, most of them accept the most popular ones such as wire transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets such as Neteller. When making a deposit, funds will be reflected in your account within a couple of seconds. However, depending on a number of factors, it can sometimes take up to a couple of minutes for funds to be reflected.

Withdrawing money using the withdrawal system from your Bitcoin Code account will take a bit longer. Depending on different factors, transfers to your bank account from Bitcoin Code can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a few business days.

Free Demo Accounts

Another great feature of Bitcoin Code is its free demo account offered by the brokers. After registering on the official Bitcoin Code website, users can access the demo trading feature. In this trading mode, users can get a feel of the market without staking actual money. This feature is ideal for beginners who have never tried live trading before as they can get a proper idea of what it’s like to trade cryptocurrencies without risking their own trading capital.

Bitcoin Code: Characteristics

Ideal for Beginner Traders

Simplicity is one of the key characteristics of Bitcoin Code. Thanks to the Bitcoin Code app, traders can easily navigate through the intuitive user interface. You can switch between manual and auto trading modes through a simple tap, tweak your preferences, and deposit and withdraw funds in a matter of seconds.

Aside from the intuitive user interface, Bitcoin Code also gives access to an amazing auto-trading bot. The bot is trained to make intelligent decisions for the traders based on hard evidence, facts, and other relevant information faster than any other human being can.

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A Variety of Cryptocurrencies

While the name might suggest that you can only trade Bitcoin on Bitcoin Code, traders can actually buy and sell a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. A diversified trading portfolio is very important in the world of investments, and users can buy some of the most popular crypto coins on the market through the Bitcoin Code app. Traders can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and more on the website!

Reputable Brokers From All Around the World

One of the keys to making successful trades is finding the right broker. The right broker needs to be familiar with your local market so that they can provide expert advice on what trades to make, what to look out for, and what to prepare for when trading cryptocurrencies. While the Bitcoin Code team consistently regulates its brokers, traders are still advised to research the broker they are paired up with to ensure that the broker is a respected and trusted individual in the field.

How to Get Started With Bitcoin Code

To start your first live session on the Bitcoin Code trading app, you first have to make an account. There are many copycat websites out there, so make sure to only register on the official Bitcoin Code website. To make the trading process and registration easier for you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to creating your Bitcoin Code account.

Step One: Register on the Website

  • Head to the official Bitcoin Code website.
  • Enter the required information in the “Sign Up” box.
  • Type in your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Click to continue.
  • After creating an account, a broker from your area will contact you in a couple of hours.
  • Depending on your location and the broker, you might be asked for some more information such as your address, net worth, trading capital, and more.
  • Verify your identity on the website.

Step Two: Make an Initial Capital

  • To start trading, you will have to make an initial minimum deposit of only $250.
  • You can use a variety of payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, wire transfers, or e-wallet.
  • After making the deposit, funds will be reflected in your account in a couple of moments.
  • Remember, only trade and invest money you can afford to lose.
  • Bitcoin Code doesn’t offer investor protection, so all traders will be liable for any losses or gains made through the platform.

Step Three: Practice with the Demo Trading Feature (Optional)

  • Before starting a live trading session, we recommend using the demo trading feature, especially if you’re a first-time investor.
  • This isn’t required, but it is a great way to get a feel of the live trading environment without staking any real money.
  • Once you start with the live trading feature, you are liable for any losses, which is why we recommend trying out the demo mode first.

Step Four: Customise Your Trading Algorithm (Optional)

  • To make sure the trading robots make the right decisions for you, users are advised to tweak the algorithm according to their preferences.
  • Set your risk level profile, trading capital, and more to ensure a more personalised trading experience.

Where Is Bitcoin Code Available?

Traders from many different jurisdictions in the world have reported gains using the Bitcoin Code platform. While the following areas have not been confirmed by the Bitcoin Code website, these are areas where many traders report using the platform:

Australia | The United Kingdom *No CFD’s | United States | India | Brazil | South Africa | Canada | Ireland | Uruguay | Italy

Bitcoin Code: A Brief Guide for First-Time Investors

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when investing through Bitcoin Code for the first time. There is no definite success rate when trading cryptocurrencies, and a number of factors can affect whether the Bitcoin price and the price of other altcoins goes up or down. It’s important to understand this risk when investing for the first time. Only invest money you can afford to lose.

The following are additional tips to keep in mind for first-time investors:

Create a Diverse Portfolio

Many first-time traders make the mistake of investing their entire trading capital into one asset. The benefit of this is that if prices go up, you will receive substantial gains. However, if prices drop, you might end up losing your entire capital. So, users are encouraged to invest and trade different kinds of cryptocurrency. That way, if one of the coins drops, you’ll have other investments that can keep you afloat.

The world of cryptocurrency is very volatile and can be impossible to predict. There is always a significant risk involved when trading cryptocurrency, and users are advised to always think hard about their decisions as they will be liable for the outcome, whether they lose or gain money.

Use All The Tools at Your Disposal

To really understand the market and increase the chances of earning money, traders are advised to use all the tools available to them. This includes information sources, such as books, websites, articles, and videos. With Bitcoin Code, you can get professional advice from expert brokers which can prove to be very valuable.

Another great way to learn more about the market is using the Bitcoin Code practice account feature, where you can make trades and get a feel of the market without staking actual money. And with Bitcoin Code, you can also use the automated trading bot to analyse the market and make decisions for you. But remember, the final decision is always up to you. The trading bot is there to help you, not replace you, and you are liable for all the consequences of your trades, which is very important to keep in mind.

Make Decisions Based on Facts & Hard Evidence

One important saying that first-time investors should always consider when making investments is, “Investing is a marathon; not a race”. When making decisions, make sure not to base them on emotions or hearsay. Doing that is gambling, not investing.

Investors are encouraged to always research market trends, news, and conduct thorough market analyses to ensure that their trades are rooted in hard evidence and based on facts. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and unpredictable, so sometimes, even with all the research and evidence, you might still end up losing more money. This is a constant risk when trading cryptocurrencies and has to be taken into account whenever you make a trade.

Conclusion – Is Bitcoin Code Worth Your Time in 2022?

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the Bitcoin Code system, all you have to do now is decide whether it’s the right platform for you.

Bitcoin Code connects traders and users to a wide network of brokers, allowing them to trade different cryptocurrencies and experience the market first-hand. The app also has an automatic trading bot that can make decisions for you and comes with a free demo mode that you can use to get a feel of the crypto market without worrying about losing money.

Keep in mind, when trading cryptocurrencies, traders always have to deal with a significant amount of risk. Nothing is sure in the world of crypto, and the market is known for being very volatile. So, if you plan on using Bitcoin Code for your first live trading session, we urge you to do the appropriate research and seek professional advice to reduce the risk of losing your trading capital.

Article Disclaimer: The contents of this Bitcoin Code review article do not equate to financial or investment advice from a certified financial advisor.

Platform Disclaimer: Bitcoin Code is not a standalone trading software. Bitcoin Code is an intermediary between brokers and traders wherein communication and trade is made easier. The only brokers affiliated with Bitcoin Code are regulated brokers who comply with regulatory measures.

CFD Cryptocurrency Risk Disclaimer: As CFDs are traded under high speculation, the trade of CFDs holds a great risk of negative returns or a complete capital loss. Trading CFDs is inherently complex, as CFDs are highly leveraged instruments. Trade at your own risk.

The Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) has issued a policy statement PS20/10, which prohibits the sale, promotion and distribution of CFD on crypto assets in the UK.

We prohibit the dissemination of marketing materials relating to CFDs and other financial products based on cryptocurrencies, which are addressed to UK residents.