Bitcoin Era Review: Are the 2022 scam rumours true?

In this Bitcoin Era review, we debunk the scam rumours about the website—all the while detailing some of its best and most useful features!
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Frankly, we’re getting tired of seeing innocent people getting scammed all around just because they want to start trading and investing, but chose the wrong platform for it. This is why we scoured the internet for some of the most reputable websites dedicated to helping people start their trading careers. It was through this that we found Bitcoin Era. In this Bitcoin Era review, we debunk the scam rumours about the website—all the while detailing some of its best and most useful features!

What is Bitcoin Era?

Before we discuss the ins and outs of Bitcoin Era, let’s first talk about what the Bitcoin Era system is exactly.

The Bitcoin Era software is not a trading platform by itself—do not let the name misdirect you. It is merely a website that can connect you with a pool of reputable brokers who will then be the ones to offer you extensive trading services and assist you with your investment needs. Bitcoin Era is essentially the intermediary between you and the multitude of brokers who can offer you trading platforms. In other words, Bitcoin Era is sort of like your menu for brokers—once you sign up, you’ll be connected to a set of brokers available to help you, then you can take your pick!

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How does Bitcoin Era work?

We cannot stress this enough, Bitcoin Era does not do the buying and selling of cryptocurrency for you. This is where the common misconception of scam rumours stem from, really. Once you create an account, Bitcoin Era algorithms point you toward some of the best brokers that can help you with your trading needs. The registration process is relatively easy. It took us only a few minutes when we tried it for this review.

We just followed these three simple steps to set up a Bitcoin Era account:

  1. Sign Up

The sign-up process didn’t take up too much of our time. Bitcoin Era also didn’t ask for too many unnecessary details. Once you sign up, your account will be created and validated—this took us more or less five minutes.

  1. Fund Your Account

Of course, you won’t be able to start live trading without getting a few dollars into your account! What we liked a lot about Bitcoin Era, during our review process, is the small minimum deposit required by most of the brokers connected to a Bitcoin Era account. You only need to deposit $250 for the account to be activated. You can do so through credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, or even wire transfers through your local bank account.

This is in large contrast with other large cryptocurrency trading platforms that require you to deposit unreasonable amounts of money just to be able to begin trading.

  1. Trade

Voila! Once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, you’re good to go! You will then be connected to Bitcoin Era’s partner brokers so you can begin a live trading session.

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Superior Technology

Bitcoin Era claims to provide access to advanced programming software as well as secure connections. In its website, it says the Bitcoin Era app can provide you with real-time data, which then gives you the opportunity to know all the necessary things about the trading world in mere minutes.

Bitcoin Era’s peer-to-peer technology is said to work flawlessly without the intervention of any central or banking authority. On top of that, the brokers that the Bitcoin Era system can connect you with offer fast transactions, competitive processing fees, worldwide payments, fully-functional software, and user-friendly interfaces.

Great Support System

The team behind Bitcoin Era is made up of talented individuals with a diverse set of skills. The Bitcoin Era website claims to have 24/7 customer support—something that we can’t disprove, but have definitely seen in the works.

To be honest, though, we don’t think you’d encounter that many problems using the Bitcoin Era interface. The whole software is straightforward enough and easy to understand. We didn’t face any hurdles when we tried the Bitcoin Era processes during our comprehensive review.

Extensive Broker Pool with Modern Trading Software

The brokers partnered with Bitcoin Era offer an extensive array of services—most of which we found to be extremely useful.

  • Demo trading

A demo trading feature essentially offers you a practice account where you can make use of virtual money first to get a feel of how the cryptocurrency market works.

Newbie crypto traders usually create demo trading accounts when they first enter live trading sessions. This way, they don’t have to immediately take large risks without having enough knowledge about trading bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

  • Automated trading platforms

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies even while you’re sleeping!

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This is admittedly one of the features we found the most useful. The brokers connected with a Bitcoin Era trading account also offer the use of trading robots. Should you suddenly find yourself lacking the time to consistently monitor your investments day in and day out, you can opt to set up auto trading robots that can do the work for you.

The auto trading robot will be able to conduct buy and sell transactions in your place. Of course, you first must set it up in line with your trading styles in order for it to work. There have to be parameters and trading signals put in place so that the automated trading robot will function properly.

This particular feature is best for seasoned cryptocurrency traders who already know what they want out of financial markets since they can make their own market analysis. Newbies may find it hard to navigate.

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Answering Your FAQs

Will I earn money through Bitcoin trading?

In general, the crypto market is one of the riskiest financial markets in the world. Therefore, there’s always the possibility of you losing your entire capital in one bad trade.

Profitable trades—no matter the crypto asset, be it Bitcoin or Ethereum or even altcoins—are never ensured. Sometimes even the best trading strategy fails because of unforeseen circumstances.

Is the Bitcoin Era software safe?

Short answer: Yes. Bitcoin Era is a very safe platform. Based on our research, the information you provide upon registration will only be shared with the brokers that can provide you with trading services. We also did not encounter any hidden fees or charges.

Is the Bitcoin Era platform legal?

Upon our extensive research and review of Bitcoin Era, we didn’t find anything amiss that could point to the system being illegal. On top of that, Bitcoin Era only partners with brokers that have provided all the regulatory assurances.

Note: It is still your duty to check the cryptocurrency laws on your country.

Do any celebrities use Bitcoin Era?

The Bitcoin Era team does not claim to be endorsed by any celebrity or famed personality. Be wary of fake marketing ploys that tell you otherwise—as these are just baseless rumours. The cryptocurrency market itself, on the other hand, is knee-deep in celebrity sponsorships and support. That’s how deeply ingrained it already is in the modern world.

Bitcoin Era Review Conclusion | Is Bitcoin Era legit?

Definitely. Our research and review of Bitcoin Era found that Bitcoin Era is indeed a helpful software that can assist you with finding the best brokers who can provide you with extensive trading services. While it is not a crypto trading platform in itself, it opens many opportunities for people to explore the crypto market as they perform trades.

Important Disclaimer

This Bitcoin Era review should not be considered investment advice. You should not base your trading strategies just from this article, nor should you invest money that you cannot afford to lose. The crypto market is a risky business. It requires extensive research and practice, and sometimes even that isn’t enough to guarantee gains.