Review of Bitcoin Motion’s Official Website [2022]

To find out whether Bitcoin Motion is legit or a scam, we have tried the platform ourselves, and this review will give you our verdict. 
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What Is Bitcoin Motion? 

Bitcoin Motion is rumoured to be one of the best platforms out there. The platform is said to help traders get potentially lucrative opportunities. This is by getting their traders connected to the best crypto brokers in the market. However, it might be hard to believe that the platform is legit due to this impressive stunt. Thus, some might think that Bitcoin Motion is a scam. This Bitcoin Motion review will give you more information that you need.

In an effort to find out whether Bitcoin Motion is legit or a scam, we have tried the platform ourselves. This Bitcoin Motion review will give you our verdict. Is the Bitcoin Motion system legit or a scam?

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Bitcoin Motion Review: Legit or Scam? Our Verdict!

Based on our analysis, we have found out that the Bitcoin Motion is not a scam. Bitcoin Motion is a system that partners with licensed brokers. They connect traders with credible crypto brokers and outstanding trading software.

We found out through our research that some of the brokers they are working with do offer AI-powered trading tools. This assists traders in having the best possible trade opportunities available on the market. 

These brokers utilise the MetaTrader4 or 5 trading software; which uses complex algorithms to analyse the crypto market to search for trading opportunities, crypto news, and technical analysis.

Bitcoin Motion Review: What will we talk about?

Thus this article shall answer your questions about Bitcoin Motion; as we walk through the core features, technology, and system of Bitcoin Motion. 

After having tried the platform ourselves, we will go over the step-by-step process of signing up at Bitcoin Motion. We will answer FAQs about Bitcoin Motion; we will review whether the Bitcoin Motion has celebrity endorsers; and discuss matters about the legality of the Bitcoin Motion platform. 

At the end of this Bitcoin Motion Review, you’ll be able to decide whether the platform is the right crypto platform for you. 

Bitcoin Motion FAQs: What do you need to know?

Is Bitcoin Motion safe?

When choosing the right crypto platform, one of the first concerns we commonly think about is the safety of the platform we are registering at. Thus, one of the crucial points we have found out upon trying the Bitcoin Motion platform is its safety features. 

The Bitcoin Motion site provides its users with top-tier security features. It does that by running SSL encryption to avoid problems such as viruses, cyber theft, and scams. With Bitcoin Motion site being partners with licensed brokers, they follow certain financial regulations. These regulations give assurance of a safer trading experience to brokers compared to other platforms that also exist in the market.

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What are the core features and services offered by Bitcoin Motion?

Another great way of knowing whether a crypto platform is the right platform for you is to recognise whether the services offered by the platform suits your crypto investment preferences and goals. Thus, upon trying out the platform, this review had compiled a list of the core features and services offered by the Bitcoin Motion website. 

Complete your registration process in minutes

– The Bitcoin Motion does not charge interested traders with any registration fees. And once you have accomplished and completed the registration form, a broker will be assigned to assist you. You can start with a minimum deposit of $250. 

Access to the Bitcoin Motion demo trading feature 

– Through our analysis of the Bitcoin Motion site, we have found out that some of the platform partner brokers can offer traders a demo trade feature. Through this feature, traders can get hands-on experience in trading before actually using real money immediately upon entering the cryptocurrency world. Based on our first-hand experience, we can say that this feature can help boost the traders’ skills and experience in crypto trading. 

Fast trading technology 

– Bitcoin Motion partner brokers can provide traders with a trading technology that is based on the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 software. Through using MetaTrader 4 or 5, traders can enter a desired trading position with the most potential before other traders.

Responsive customer service 

– The Bitcoin Motion’s customer support team is dedicated to providing customers with 24/7 services; thus, their partners can help solve issues and concerns any time of the day, any day of the week. 

Access a variety of cryptocurrencies 

– We have found out that through your Bitcoin Motion account together with your broker, you can gain access to a variety of popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDC, DOT and other exotic crypto pairs. Keep in mind that having a good balance is still the key to having a diversified crypto portfolio. 

Access the Bitcoin Motion website from anywhere 

– The Bitcoin Motion website is accessible anywhere and everywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your account and manage your crypto portfolio. However, do not forget that it is highly dangerous to use a public network while accessing your account since it is more susceptible to risks.

How does the Bitcoin Motion work?

Through our research about the Bitcoin Motion site, we have found out that the platform prioritises features such as trading technology, trade signals, and privacy shield to provide a more efficient trading experience to their users. 

Here is our analysis of these three features that the Bitcoin Motion prioritises. 

Trading technology

As mentioned earlier the Bitcoin Motion helps you access outstanding trading technology. This allows traders to enter and exit trade positions with the highest potential based on market data and analysis. Remember, setting up your trading parameters help lessen your investment risks, so the process needs due diligence. 

Trade signals 

The Bitcoin Motion will help you have a chance to utilise trading technology that enables you to send and receive trade signals aimed to run intuitive algorithm checks and analyse the crypto market thoroughly. 

Privacy shield

We found out that the Bitcoin Motion is a platform that also put great emphasis on authentication. Thus, users can set up their two-factor authentication to protect their accounts as well as their funds.


Does Bitcoin Motion use influencers as endorsers?

It is rumoured that Bitcoin Motion is endorsed by companies, celebrities, and popular media influencers to get more investors hooked on the platform. However, based on our review of the Bitcoin Motion, we have found out that the platform is in fact, not using any endorsers to promote the platform. 

How can I get started with Bitcoin Motion App?

To help you get started with the use of your Bitcoin Motion account, here your the step-by-step guide in creating your account with the Bitcoin Motion website. 

Step 1: Register your account 

In this step, you just have to complete the registration form by providing basic information like your name, email address, and phone number. Once done, you will have to do a quick verification process via the assigned broker.

Step 2: Fund your account

If you are satisfied with the Bitcoin Motion’s features, services, and offers, you can proceed to this step which is to make a deposit. To fund your account, you can invest a minimum deposit of $250 as your initial investment. 

Step 3: Trade (Choose demo or live trading)

The last step will vary based on the trader. If you are a beginner in trading, you may access the demo trading feature offered by some brokers on the Bitcoin Motion platform. On the other side, if you are a more experienced trader, then you may immediately do your trades. 

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Conclusion: Should you go for Bitcoin Motion App?

With this Bitcoin Motion review, you are able to have a good grasp of what Bitcoin Motion is and what services, offers, and features the platform can provide you with. Although, it is entirely up to you whether to sign up for Bitcoin Motion or not. 

In the end, it is more advantageous to use a safe and legit crypto platform when  accessing the potentially better market opportunities the crypto sector offers. 

The content of this Bitcoin Motion Review article does not necessarily equate to financial advice, it is written purely for information purposes only. Do not forget! Cryptocurrency investments come with risks. Just like any other investment, there are no guarantees and you can lose your entire capital. This is why crypto experts highly recommend traders do their extensive research to find out everything about trading and consult a professional if they are new to the investment world.