Bitcoin Prime Review: What You Need to Know!

We've put Bitcoin Prime to the test! Is it a scam or a legit crypto-based platform? Find out our honest review of the Bitcoin Prime website!
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Rumours of Bitcoin Prime being one of the best trading platforms of 2022 has reached our ears. That’s why we have set out to find out whether this claim is valid.

We’ve put Bitcoin Prime to the test! Is it a scam or a legit crypto-based platform? Find out our honest review of the Bitcoin Prime website! Let’s go!

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Bitcoin Prime Not a Crypto Trading Platform, What We Have To Say!

We have created our own Bitcoin Prime account. Tried the platform’s services and tested its features. We’ve written this Bitcoin Prime Review to provide you with the results of our findings!

Most traders would think that Bitcoin Prime is a crypto trading platform. However, our research reveals that it is a crypto marketing page. It acts as a bridge to connect traders to reputable brokers.

Now you may question what Bitcoin Prime does? Once you create a Bitcoin Prime account, you will be forwarded to a broker. This broker will then provide you with the trading resources that you need.

Bitcoin Prime works with brokers who can provide traders with various trading materials such as auto trading tools, market analysis tools, and demo trade sessions.

Therefore, the role of the Bitcoin Prime site is to direct you to legit, regulated, and reputable brokers. Bitcoin Prime is not an auto trading platform or an automated crypto trading software.

Bitcoin Prime Platform Review – Is it a scam?

Our test and research on the Bitcoin Prime platform prove a legit crypto-based site. Thus, Bitcoin Prime is not a scam.

Bitcoin Prime platform’s primary goal is to make a reliable trader-broker connection. The platform’s priority is to make sure that its users will be connected to regulated crypto brokers. Therefore, all brokers on the platform follow strict crypto regulations.

Bitcoin Prime Platform: How It Works

Upon trying out the Bitcoin Prime platform, we will reveal our experience on the platform. From creating our account on Bitcoin Prime to getting connected and crypto trading with Bitcoin Prime broker.

Creating an Account

When registering an account on the Bitcoin Prime platform, you will be asked simple information. The registration form will ask you for your name, address, email, and number. Note that registration on Bitcoin Prime will not cost you anything. Then, on the phone number, you provided, a broker will call you. Then, the broker will help you finish setting up your account and get started with crypto trading.

Trading with Assigned Broker

Once you have a minimum deposit of $250 on your account, you can immediately start trading. Through trading with Bitcoin Prime broker, you can start a live trading session or a demo trading session. Throughout the process, your broker will assist you. This is to help you get the maximum potential on your crypto trades.

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Bitcoin Prime and Its Brokers: Best Services and Features

Now, you’ve known the facts on Bitcoin Prime works along with the role of brokers on the platform. So let’s get to know the Bitcoin Prime key features and services.

Bitcoin Prime offers an easy and convenient way for anyone to use every part of the platform for free. We’ve made a list of the features and services you will get access to by trading with Bitcoin Prime brokers. This is the list we’ve made after our comprehensive research on the Bitcoin Prime website.

1. Trustworthy and expert brokers

Bitcoin Prime will assign you with an expert broker that you can trust. This broker will assist you in every crypto trade you will enter in the crypto market.

2. Offers a wide range of trading tools

Brokers on Bitcoin Prime will offer you beginner-friendly tools, education materials, and easy-to-understand charts. This is a way to help novice traders understand trading and execute trades.

Some brokers on the platform have access to multiple trading tools and market analysis tools such as MetaTrader 4 or 5. These tools can help personalise your trading strategies and design your trading styles. 

3. Demo trading mode

Some brokers on Bitcoin Prime can offer you a demo account to practice trading. This way, you can get actual trading experience without risking your investment. 

4. Copy-trading

One of the best offers that a broker can offer you is copy trading. This trading strategy allows beginners to copy the trading styles of advanced traders. Also, be able to immediately use it on the crypto market trades.

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The Benefits of the Bitcoin Prime App

1. Free registration and low initial deposit

Bitcoin Prime offers free registration that comes with a low initial deposit of $250. This initial deposit can be used for your trades through your broker. 

2. Crypto platform for all

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in trading, Bitcoin Prime is the crypto platform for you.
You won’t need to have any experience in trading to start trading. The app will assign you to a broker who can assist you with your trades. This way, you can gain trading experience from a crypto expert while gaining profits and improving your trading skills. 

3. User-Friendly Interface

The Bitcoin Prime is designed for all kinds of traders, most especially beginners; that’s why the platform utilises a user-friendly interface that makes the platform easier to use. This way, you can navigate the website with ease.

4. Accessibility

Bitcoin Prime App is compatible with all devices. You can use your computer or your phone to access your account and manage your funds. 

5. Safe and secure experience

The Bitcoin Prime website assures you with 100% transparency and protection of your funds and personal data. These are possible through the multi-layers of SSL protection and novel algorithms that are utilised by the platform. 

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Bitcoin Prime: The FAQs You Need Answers On!

How can one purchase crypto in passive mode or with an investment in the future?

Bitcoin Prime brokers have access to crypto trading robots. Using it, traders monitor the cryptocurrency market to find new trading options.

These trading bots can make trades for you if it detects a potential profit. Bitcoin Prime and its brokers help traders make a profit under optimal market conditions. Moreover, these trading bots have been developed based on AI algorithms able to detect price patterns that act on those patterns.

How much do users earn?

The study conducted for Bitcoin Prime we still cannot say for sure if you can earn or lose money through Bitcoin Prime.

Most users of the platform left favourable reviews on their experience with trading with Bitcoin Prime expert brokers. However, this is not a guarantee that you will be entering only successful trades on the platform.

In the end, it is still up to how much you invest and how much risk you can take. As they say the bigger the risk the larger the gains. In this regard, we still highly recommend you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Are celebrities supporting Bitcoin Prime?

Currently, celebrities and prominent investors often promote crypto-tech platforms as trading platforms. This is based on rumours that celebrities are involved in Bitcoin Prime.

Some celebrities such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos have appeared in a number of rumours involving cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Prime being one of the involved parties is rumoured to be endorsed by them. However, these are just rumours. We found no solid evidence supporting these claims.

Want to Get Your Bitcoin Prime Account? Follow these Steps!

Want to enter the crypto market and start trading with Bitcoin Prime through a broker? Follow these three easy steps.

Step 1: Fill up the registration form

Go to the official Bitcoin Prime website. Look for the registration form on its home page. Then, fill in the necessary information. Submit the form.

Step 2: Validate your Account

Once you have completed the registration process, your data will undergo a validation process. Then, a broker will call you. The broker will orient you to the Bitcoin Prime system. You may also ask questions about your trading account with your broker here.

Step 3: Fund your Account

The Bitcoin Prime brokers can offer you with trading resources you need to begin trading. This is possible after you fund your account with a minimum deposit of $250.

Bitcoin Prime App Review: Summary

Bitcoin Prime may not be an automated crypto trading platform however it has more than 270,000 loyal users. Users on the platform believe that the platform is a very affordable system that offers incredibly high-quality service.

Brokers on the Bitcoin Prime platform enable users to find information about cryptocurrency market developments and generate highly precise information instantly. Bitcoin prices are becoming very popular among investors. The results mean a rise in cryptocurrencies that could make them an attractive asset to trade on exchanges.

The data collected in this review indicates that Bitcoin Prime broker trades at a profitable rate. That means that most profit is lucrative. One thing with Bitcoin Prime and its partner brokers’ crypto trading system is it can help increase your investment potential and increase your profits.


Crypto assets have extremely volatility. Thus, you have to risk your capital. They are unregulated investments. They have no regulatory protections. There is no UK-wide protection.

All information you can find in this review of Bitcoin Prime is not intended to give financial advice. It can only serve as a supplement to your research on the platform.