BitQS Review 2022 – Scam or Legit?

BitQS Connects you with brokers with advanced trading features. Find out here if this BitQS review can help you in the trading world.
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BitQS Review: There are many ways you can start investing money in the online trading market, whether it be through a trading platform or automated trading software. A sound automated trading system can go a long way in creating a seamless trading experience for the average trader hoping to monetize passively on the cryptocurrency market.

Many scams introduce themselves as an automated trading platform or automated trading software. BitQS does not identify as being one of these scam sites. Instead, the BitQS platform claims to be a connection point between traders and brokers.

In this review, we will investigate if these claims by BitQS are accurate and legit and whether the app can help you in your trading journey. BitQS reportedly connects you with brokers with advanced trading features. Find out here if this BitQS review can help you in the trading world.

BitQS Review | What Is BitQS?


BitQS is reportedly a platform that can connect you with top-of-the-line brokers with experience in trading forex, the stock market, and, most importantly, the crypto trading industry. These brokers can help you possibly build your invested capital by assisting you with trading cryptocurrencies in the altcoin and Bitcoin market.

BitQS Review: What is the feedback on BitQS?

The purported users who have signed up on BitQS and onboarded with the brokers of BitQS generally have the following things to say about their experience with BitQS.

  • It has an easy account registration process
  • Their brokers have many different tools such as trading strategies simulation and demo trading practice
  • Their brokers can give potentially profitable trading signals
  • The trading platforms of their brokers can be navigated by both new traders and experienced traders

BitQS Review: What are the features of BitQS?

BitQS claims they have brokers with the following advantages, making their partner brokers’ trading platforms lucrative to invest in.

  • Crypto trading support for BTC, ETH, SOL, XRP, LUNA, and more!
  • Minimum initial deposit of only $250
  • Trading robot option
  • User-friendly interface

BitQS Review 2022 – Is This CryptoSystem a Scam? Find Out Here!

bitqs cryptosystem

A legit automatic trading system is essential for investors to profit in the volatile market of cryptocurrency trading. The trading world is slowly shifting from manual trading to auto trading to make most of the trading market. Finding an authentic automated crypto trading platform amongst the different trading platforms is imperative. The vast majority of these trading platforms are actually there to scam you rather than help you. Read on in our honest and objective review to find out if BitQS is a platform that can connect you with brokers who can help you succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

If you’re an experienced trader or are just simply skimming through reviews of trading platforms, here’s the Trader’s Summary of our BitQS review made just for you. If you’re a newbie, though, we highly suggest that you continue reading after the Trader’s Summary to get a clearer picture of BitQS.

BitQS Review | Trader’s Summary

  • Minimum Deposit
  • Duration of Withdrawal Process: 24 Hours
  • Mobile Trading App: No
  • Tradable Cryptocurrency Coins: BTC, ETH, SOL, XRP, LUNA

BitQS Review: Pros and Cons

We have come up with the following list of advantages and disadvantages of using the trading platforms of BitQS’s regulated brokers.


  • Capability to execute multiple trades simultaneously
  • Simple trading account set-up
  • Crypto trading bots with configurable trading parameters
  • Many tools for trading Bitcoin and other altcoins
  • Minimum deposit of only $250
  • Hot trading signals
  • Demo trading
  • Large network of licensed brokers
  • Quick processing to deposit funds and make withdrawals


  • No BitQS app (but it is accessible on your mobile web browser)
  • It does not entirely eliminate risk in trading

Disclaimer: We do not promote BitQS in any way. We are not a marketing partner of BitQS, and we do not receive advertising fees from any entity. The only purpose of this BitQS review is to assess the BitQS website for readership purposes.

BitQS | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

bitqs faq

Before we conclude whether BitQS is a scam or legit, we’ll do our very best to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BitQS.

Do the brokers have any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees! You only need to connect your bank account to your broker and make the minimum deposit of $250 to start trading.

Do I need prior trading knowledge?

Nope! If you’re new to trading and investing, your broker will gladly guide you and teach you about trading in general and how to use their trading system.

How many trades can I make in a day?

There’s no limit to how much you can trade. When you begin trading, it’s best to exercise moderation and avoid emotional trading. Emotional trading is when you take trading losses personally and execute more trades to potentially gain back your trading capital, resulting in losing more money.

Can I set up a demo account?

Yes, the brokers of BitQS can help you set up your demo account on their trading platform. It’s essential to gain experience before using the live trading feature. A trader without practice has more probability of making unfounded decisions during the live trading session and consequently losing money. Practising in the demo feature can help you greatly in the long run.

BitQS | Registration Process

To supplement the legitimacy of this review, we tried BitQS’s supposedly user-friendly sign-up process. In the end, we indeed were reached out by one of their brokers, ready to onboard us for a trading journey! Here in this section, we have outlined the three simple registration process steps.

STEP 1: Input your contact information for the brokers

At the top of their website’s home page, you will see a sign-up form asking for your contact info. Do not fret because BitQS is bound by a data privacy policy on their website, which bars them from leaking your private information. Once done, click the register button and proceed to the next step.

STEP 2: Respond to your assigned broker

It can take as quick as a few minutes to as long as 48 hours, but you will assuredly be contacted by one of BitQS’s brokers. Your broker will courteously introduce themselves to you and onboard you to their services. Remember, it’s essential to keep a good and healthy relationship with your broker to increase your chances of having a fruitful and stress-free crypto trading journey!

STEP 3: Begin trading

Now you’re a trader on their brokerage platform! Congratulations! All you need is to connect any of your bank accounts to your broker’s platforms, make the minimum deposit of 250 dollars and begin trading cryptocurrencies. We recommend practicing demo trading before using the live trading feature.

BitQS | The Financial Takeaway

After trying out all the features of BitQS ourselves, we can safely conclude that these features make BitQS legit, not a scam. Their brokers make both manual trading and auto trading processes seamless with their easy to use interface. Their brokers’ experience in the crypto market allows them to help you potentially profit from the market’s movements. Finally, their straightforward registration process makes it easy and quick to start trading.

We hope you enjoyed our review of BitQS, and we wish you the best of luck in your trading pursuits. Remember to do your research, avoid emotional trading, and enjoy the trading journey!

High-Risk Investment Warning:

Trading cryptocurrencies involves dangerous price movements. Always do your research before making any trading decisions. Anything written in this article should not be considered investment advice, and we are not liable for any potential losses. You risk losing your entire capital. It should also be noted that CFD crypto trading and trading any form of cryptocurrency derivates is banned in the UK according to PS 20/10. We do not promote BitQS among UK residents and we do not allow them to register with BitiQ.