Ethereum Classic Price Prediction: Unlike ETH?

Will this be enough to continue Ethereum Classic's bullish trend? Find out what experts have to say about Ethereum Classic Price Prediction
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Find out what experts have to say about Ethereum Classic Price Prediction and discover if it is a profitable investment worth adding to your portfolio.

Based on technical analysis from various sources, the highest price prediction of ETC is $221 by 2030.

Can Ethereum Classic, a smart contract network, surpass its maximum price level? Being the hard fork of Ethereum (ETH), it is truly difficult to catch up with the comparison.

In this Ethereum Classic price prediction, you can expect multiple things like the numbers themselves derived from various sources. You can determine if this coin has a long-term earning potential with all the information we compiled.

Ethereum Classic is the first original Ethereum that continued to preserve the ETH blockchain. The legacy chain of Ethereum is unlike Ethereum in many ways; nevertheless, many investors are excited about the duration of the coin’s bullish momentum.

From supporting to hosting DApps, will this be enough to continue Ethereum Classic’s bullish trend?

Recent Ethereum Classic Updates And How These Affect Its Price In The Next Five Years

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Remember, price predictions could serve as a guide but never as a sole reference in making investment decisions. As investors, you should be aware of the factors that put coin values at a high risk as well as the reasons for the significant increase. Here, you will learn about the different factors affecting the price of ETC, which should help you determine if it has long-term earning potential.

  • Magneto Upgrade: ETC labs implemented upgrades to the Berlin network protocol to continue the parity with ETH.
  • Mystique Upgrade: Similarly, the developers implemented Ethereum’s London network protocol upgrades.
  • New Hashrate: The Ethereum Classic network is committed to absorbing the disenfranchised Ethash miners, supporting the mining algorithm of ETChash.
  • Move to Proof of Stake: With the Ethereum blockchain upgrading its EVM network, The Ethereum Classic blockchain becomes the biggest proof of work.

Maximum Historical Data And The Price Movement of ETC

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Ethereum Classic is the original Ethereum before a hard fork occurred. Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood found this decentralised computing platform that facilitates smart contracts and applications. The original Ethereum being new to the crypto world, the first half of ETC was not as high as its performance last year.

The Ethereum Classic ETC achieved its maximum price level of $176.16 in May 2021. The current price of ETC is $50.56, with a market cap of $6.79 billion. Moreover, it is up 5.46% today.

In the last 24 hours, ETC has been ranked #28 with a trading volume of $1.9 billion. At the moment, there are a total of 210 million coins in the maximum supply, with 133 million in the circulating supply.

Ethereum Classic Price Forecast 2025

Examining any Ethereum Classic technical analysis is crucial before thinking about investing. That said, have a look at the Ethereum classic price predictions. These price forecasts for the next five years should help you calculate the risks in the near future and protect you from possible capital loss and other worst-case scenarios. Here are the price forecasts for the next five years:

Analysts Expecting The ETC Price Will Go Up

  • According to GOV Capital, ETC’s price could reach $221, exhibiting a positive trend by 2025.
  • The bullish momentum could continue if the prediction of Crypto Ground happens, skyrocketing to $128 by 2025.
  • Price Prediction expects an average trading price of $106.62 and a price rise of $123.89 by 2025.

Analysts Expecting The ETC Price Will Go Down

  • A slight bearish note from Coin Price Forecast shows $81.38.
  • Trading Beasts expects a smaller price prognosis, only reaching a minimum price of $67.24.
  • According to the Long Forecast, a price drop of $50.1 could happen by 2025.

Experts’ Estimations on Ethereum Classic Cryptocurrency

Crypto Never Sleeps compared Ethereum Classic (ETC) to Ethereum (ETH) in his video on YouTube. He believes that ETC could have more potential than ETH. Unlike Ethereum, Classic could have a higher bandwidth, which means it could process more transactions. Afterwards, he presented multiple price predictions from various sources.

Financial Journey describes the current state of Ethereum Classic as a very good performance, considering that it has had a high trading volume recently. He continued his presentation with a price forecast that anticipated the bullish momentum to lead to a positive trend.

Lewis Jackson presented two questions with the goal to answer them throughout the video’s duration. First, he asked whether Ethereum Classic was a good purchase from what the green candles experienced this week. Then, he followed the question by asking how high Ethereum Classic can go. The YouTuber remains impartial with the future of ETC.

How Risky Is Ethereum Classic As An Investment?

It is inevitable to experience unexpected and sudden changes in the cryptocurrency market. You should know that the crypto space is such a volatile platform with threats lingering in every corner. If you want to experience the benefits of the crypto market, you should also be prepared for the consequences. That said, keep an eye on these risks to prepare for the worst:

  • Ethereum Parity: The Ethereum blockchain has two versions: Ethereum Classic (ETC), the original blockchain, and the Ethereum (ETH), the version after the hard fork. With two existing blockchains, comparison between the two is inevitable. Besides the coin value differences, everything that happens in the Ethereum blockchain affects the Classic.
  • Coin Storage: If you want to have a profitable investment, make sure to choose a trusted third party interference. Storing your profits in eToro or other secure e-wallets will help you eliminate the anxiety of losing your capital. After all, the internet is never a safe place, so always be meticulous.
  • Market Volatility: It is repeatedly said that the crypto market has intense competition, which affects every other fiat currency. Besides this, external factors like global issues can impact the coin’s value. Expect the worst and prepare for solutions.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction Conclusion

While this price prediction should only serve as a reference, you can observe that most sources see ETC as a long term earning potential. You can say it is a good investment if the Ethereum Classic price rises to $221.1. Meanwhile, it could also remain or drop to $50.1 if unfortunate events that could affect its value occur.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction FAQs

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ETC is a popular coin in the cryptocurrency market, evident in its large community of coin holders. Here are the frequently asked questions by the ETC holders and potential investors:

What Will Be Ethereum Classic’s Value In 2025?

Most price predictions expect an Ethereum Classic price rise. According to GOV Capital, it could skyrocket to $221 by 2025.

How Much Will Ethereum Classic’s Worth Be In 2030?

ETC price could ascend to $807.65 with an average price of $683.63 by 2030.

Does Ethereum Classic Have A Future?

The highest future price of ETC is $221 by 2025. This price prediction alone shows that the future of ETC is bright.

Where To Purchase ETC coins?

You can buy and sell Ethereum Classic on many platforms on the internet. However, take note that not all of them are trusted. Find secured e-wallets like eToro for best transaction experience.

Author’s Note on Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

This Ethereum Classic price prediction should not be used as investment advice, similar to other price predictions. It serves only to give information about the token and its future price and not as a basis for investment decisions. Always keep in mind that market turbulences occur every now and then in the ever-volatile crypto space. As investors, prepare for the worst and wish for the best.