Immediate Edge Official Website Review in 2022

Immediate Edge acts as the so-needed bridge between traders and trading platforms, by connecting you with the best brokers in the market.
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Our Genuine Thoughts on Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge acts as the so-needed bridge between traders and trading platforms, by connecting you with the best brokers in the market.

A lot of traders on the internet have said to generate profits of over €1000 on a daily basis. While we cannot confirm or deny these claims, we believe it is a worthwhile investment to conduct further research into the topic and see what Immediate Edge has to offer.

On first look, here are Immediate Edge’s core features:

  • Affordable minimum deposit of $250
  • Access to a high-tech, advanced auto trading robot
  • Various cryptocurrencies and assets to choose from
  • On-the-go iOS and Android mobile app for Immediate Edge
  • Start with demo accounts or practice accounts
  • News updates, push notifications, and alerts to stay updated
  • Secure system for your initial deposit and withdrawals
  • Real-time metrics straight from the markets
  • Learn from successful traders through copy trading

In this Immediate Edge review, we will take a closer look at the Immediate Edge platform, Immediate Edge app, and the official Immediate Edge website.

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We’ll also conduct closer and in-depth research to find the different features that the platform has to offer, how it works, figure out whether it is a legitimate platform, review the legitimacy of the celebrity endorsement claims, and more.

Besides that, we’ll also show you how to make an Immediate Edge account, how to complete the different verification steps, as well as provide you with some general tips on getting started.

By the end of this comprehensive and honest review, you’ll have a crystal-clear image of whether or not Immediate Edge is the right platform for you and your goals.

We’ve been made aware that dozens of affiliate marketers and websites all over the internet have falsely advertised their platforms through fake celebrity endorsements with the sole goal of gaining the interest of the general public and enticing people with lucrative deals to make them engage with illegal brokers and unregulated call centres.

We always advise our readers to stay as far away from such scammers as possible in order to protect not only their privacy and data but also their capital. The Immediate Edge platform only partners with brokerage firms that are legitimate and fully compliant with all necessary regulations. The partners of Immediate Edge offer their services to users once they make an account and undergo all the verification steps, making this review of Immediate Edge a marketing offer.

What is Immediate Edge?

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Trusted Platform by Traders and Brokers

Immediate Edge acts as a bridge between traders looking to find a suitable brokerage firm and investment companies that are allowing the general public to trade and invest in cryptocurrency through their platform.

Despite the fact that there are many scam websites out on the internet, Immediate Edge has taken the necessary precautions and has vetted every single one of their broker partners in their networks to ensure that their customers are in safe hands at all times. As a result, every brokerage firm that works with Immediate Edge is fully compliant with all the regulations and laws in their state. Yet, traders should make sure the broker is regulated in their own country.

When getting started with Immediate Edge, you’ll need to create an account and provide some personal information, such as your full name, phone number, and more. More on that later, but the reason why this is done is to protect you by eliminating the risk of having scammers on the platform.

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AI Trading Robot

Immediate Edge prides itself on having access to unique and sought-after AI trading robots and tools. Every individual that trades through Immediate Edge will get access to such software too – completely for free.

The crypto robot offered analyses a lot of information quickly and helps you to make informed decisions in a split second – much faster than the average human being or any other software out there.

Once the robot has taken into consideration all of the information you have set, it will analyse data and trading parameters and act accordingly.

A Customisable Algorithm

As mentioned above, one of the core advantages of signing up through Immediate Edge is immediate access to brokers and free access to the popular MetaTrader 4 software, which includes the AI trading robot that helps you make smart and potentially profitable trading decisions.

Do note that this robot is only there to assist you – you should never rely on it fully. What you can do is customise the algorithm to your liking and the level of risk that you want to take and allow the robot to trade on your behalf. Do note that in the event of a loss, you are fully liable for it and not the robot itself.

Immediate Edge: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Traders Easily Trade Using Immediate Edge?

Everyone that is looking at investing in cryptocurrency knows that getting started can be quite challenging, especially when you don’t have access to many valuable resources or someone to help you on your first steps. With us, you can start trading easily.

Additionally, you can trade on your Immediate Edge practice account, meaning you can practice all of your trading skills live without the risk of losing any of your money. The downside to that is that you won’t make any money either, should things don’t go your way.

Are Automated Trades Possible With Immediate Edge?

Automated trades are possible using Immediate Edge’s infrastructure. Auto trading robots are readily available thanks to Immediate Edge’s affiliated brokerage firms no matter where traders are located in the world.

Automated trading is great because you can set the exact parameters that you want the robot to follow in exact accordance to the risk you want to take, the capital you want to invest, and more, and let the robot do its thing even while you’re asleep.

Do note that these crypto robots are there to assist you and not to entirely replace you from the equation. If you decide to use the robots, note that you still remain the leader of the pack and should you end up losing any capital, you will be the one liable for it. The robot is merely following your recommendations and trading strategy.

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Can Traders Configure the Trading Platform Algorithm Manually?

Immediate Edge offers convenience and flexibility to traders as their auto trading robot algorithms can be configured manually to customise certain trading parameters that matter to the individual trader.

Aside from using the default settings that Immediate Edge’s partners already offer their traders, customisable algorithms help traders make more meaningful trading decisions and are not limited to the confines of what other trading platforms offer on a limited basis.

Suppose traders would like to sell a certain cryptocurrency coin on a given change in price or inherent value, the algorithm or the trading robot can be configured to perform the selling action on behalf of the trader once the set parameters are met. Similarly, traders can also configure their buying positions. So, even if the trader isn’t watching the market in real-time, the crypto robot will notice the chance and act on behalf of the trader when the set buy price is met.

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Does Immediate Edge Use Fake Marketing?

There is no use of fake marketing and will never resort to using fake marketing for any reason. A reputable investment platform will not resort to defrauding its consumer base as it will discredit the regulations that it complies with, as well as the credibility of the financial industry as a whole.

The platform maintains its image in the best possible light, and fake marketing will not help achieve the recognition it aspires to achieve.

We do recognise that since Immediate Edge has gained popularity among traders of all ages, races, backgrounds, and economic statuses, the platform has become susceptible to rumours that are clearly unfounded and unsubstantiated.

Immediate Edge has a lot of websites copying its user interface, as well as the functionalities present in the legit, original website. When traders encounter a clearly fake website with all of Immediate Edge’s features, logo, and identity, traders are encouraged and are expected to be vigilant. Always be on the lookout for the telltale signs of deceiving websites, and do report them to Immediate Edge whenever possible.

When traders spot an Immediate Edge website that assures an almost perfect success rate, dismiss these claims and report them to Immediate Edge for further investigation. Immediate Edge does not tolerate unfounded claims and does not guarantee immediate gains as investing is a process, and most traders are expected to be patient. No legitimate investment platform will guarantee immediate gains because of how volatile the cryptocurrency market is.

Prior to starting your trading and investing journey, you should have a decent level of familiarity with how investing generally works. This is to make sure that traders always stay grounded. Doing this can help beginner investors find mentor figures if they still lack experience and expertise.

At Immediate Edge, it is an inclusive community of continuous learners. Immediate Edge fosters a culture of learning, and it values education as much as it values the investments and wealth of its traders. No wonder Immediate Edge is highly recommended among traders.

Is the Platform Legal?

Yes, the Immediate Edge platform is legal. The platform and all of its partners fully comply with all governmental regulations and laws in order to lawfully allow traders to begin and potentially profit from their investments.

Though Immediate Edge carefully vets each of its brokerage firm partners to ensure legitimacy, make sure to do your due diligence at all times. As mentioned above, there are many replicas out there of Immediate Edge that have malicious intent.

How Does It Work?

Immediate Edge connects the average trader with a brokerage firm. Once you sign up through Immediate Edge, you’ll be redirected to one of their partners, which is where you’ll be able to begin investing and potentially profit from your endeavours.

Once you undergo the registration and verification process, you’ll gain immediate access to your account and be able to start investing in your preferred cryptocurrencies right away.

You’ll also be granted free exclusive access to the famous crypto trading robot, which will be there in case you want to automate your trading journey and make the whole process easier.

This trading robot can be fully customised based on your own preferences and the risk that you’d like to take. If you’re just getting started, you can also test out the free demo account, which allows you to trade in real-time in a safe environment where you won’t be at risk of losing any of your money.

Immediate Edge: Legit or a Scam?

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A large number of traders and people seeking financial freedom have said that they’ve made profits using the Immediate Edge platform. Therefore, they attest to the legitimacy of the platform. Those traders also claim that the platform works as intended and is not seen as a scam in their own eyes judging from their experience.

To make it clear, Immediate Edge only partners up with legitimate trading firms. As such, any practices they conduct are legal.

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Immediate Edge has reportedly been endorsed by celebrities and other relevant public figures, but none of these celebrities and public figures have publicly made claims regarding their affiliation with Immediate Edge.

While the platform is legitimate, the claims that surround celebrities using it often have no substantiating evidence, so these claims have to be taken with a grain of salt. More on that later.

Immediate Edge: Core Features

Practice Accounts/Demo Accounts

One of the most widely used features for most traders worldwide are demo and practice accounts. There, traders can freely trade in the actual real-life markets without exposing their investment capital to risk.

Demo accounts are widely popular amongst beginners who are just learning the ropes of trading profitably. Aside from them, even experts can trade-in safe environments to test out new trading strategies without exposing themselves or any of their copy traders to the risk of losing capital.

Learning does not have to be expensive, and Immediate Edge knows. It costs absolutely nothing to use Immediate Edge’s demo accounts offered by brokers, making it a perfect opportunity for all traders to improve their investing skills, build confidence, make sound investment decisions, and connect with other traders at the same time at little to no cost at all.

Another great use of the demo accounts is the fact that you can learn how to use the crypto automated trading robot and its customisations before you let it help you in your actual live account.

Safe and Secure Registration and Verification

There is a pretty advanced registration and verification process. This allows the platform to ensure that only legitimate individuals are granted access to the live markets of this year and the cryptocurrency trading robot.

When you open your account, you’ll be asked to provide your name, address, phone number, and other personal information.

Don’t worry, though, it’s all going to be kept safe and secured from the public’s eye.

Moreover, Immediate Edge has put these security features in check to comply with data security regulations that many countries have in place. In some countries, data is required to be safely processed, especially if it’s highly sensitive in nature – such as that of the trader’s bank information.

On a more complex note, verification of identity also helps ward off instances of money laundering and more financial scandals that countries try to avoid happening.

With the security measures Immediate Edge has in place, it makes sense to think that it is a legitimate platform. After all, a fake platform would not invest in the safety and security of its users.

A Convenient System for Deposits and Withdrawals

Immediate Edge has one of the most comprehensive deposits and withdrawal systems in the industry. They are not only safe but also very quick. Most brokers offer multiple payment options that align with their payment processing schemes and methods. The most commonly used payment processing platforms among brokers are MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, and Skrill.

When you invest your initial deposit through your bank account, you’ll see it reflect in your account almost instantly. Do note that this can take a bit of time depending on your method of depositing money.

When it comes to withdrawing money, it does take a little longer, sometimes up to a few days, which again is dependent on where you’re withdrawing the money to.

Besides that, you can rest assured that all of your finances are in safe hands and that only you can manage where your money goes.

Immediate Edge Mobile App for iOS and Android

Immediate Edge’s ultimate edge over other financial platforms is its app for Android and iOS. The app supplements the Immediate Edge trading experience through the convenience it offers. Now, trading cryptocurrencies can be done whenever and wherever you go. 

Similar to the website, the Immediate Edge app allows traders to perform trades, demo trades using the demo account, register, get verified, deposit, withdraw, buy and sell crypto, as well as use the auto trading robot resources from their trusted broker within the Immediate Edge platform.

Access to a Variety of Cryptocurrencies

Immediate Edge’s brokers offer all traders access to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherium, Litecoin, and many others. Aside from those, you can also trade some of the most widely known currency pairs, such as BTC/USD and BTC/EUR.

This wide variety of investment opportunities allows traders to invest their real money in accordance with their short or long term trading strategy.

Partnered With Trusted Brokers

Only partners with the most reputable and trustworthy brokerage firms from around the world are selected. This way, wherever the trader may be from, they can be linked with the most suitable and reliable trading system available.

Furthermore, each of the trading partners is carefully vetted to ensure that they comply with all laws and security regulations imposed by the government body.

Immediate Edge: Steps to Follow in Creating an Account

Creating a trading account is easy, effortless, and quick. Your investing journey with Immediate Edge starts with creating an account and having your profile verified. Follow along these steps to create an account at Immediate Edge:

  • Go to Immediate Edge’s official website
  • Locate the “Sign Up” box.
  • Fill out your first name, last name, email address, residence address, and phone number.
  • Click on the button that says “Join NOW”.
  • Once the registration process is complete, your broker will be in touch to help you complete the verification process. Keep in mind that the requirements for verification depend on where you are located in the world for regulation compliance.

Immediate Edge: Countries and Territories Covered

The locations below are the countries and territories where most Immediate Edge traders live and are registered. The auto-trading tool uses geolocation to automatically track location and rightfully determine the right registration requirements needed for verification.

Australia | Kenya | Lesotho | New Zealand | Nigeria | Romania | South Africa | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom* No CFDs | Zimbabwe


Trading using Immediate Edge is made easy thanks to the intuitive interface and simplistic nature of the platform, while crypto can be confusing, getting started doesn’t have to be. So, they’ve made the trading of cryptocurrencies easier so that everyone can have a fair go at changing their future for the better.

Making money with Immediate Edge takes work. Like any form of investment, trading via Immediate Edge involves a certain degree of risk. That being said, gains are not guaranteed, and losses are likely to happen as traders are dealing with a volatile market.

Making money with Immediate Edge is dependent on various factors including when you trade, how much you trade, what cryptocurrencies you trade, and many more.

Like all lifelong endeavours, trading involves discipline. Discipline and a constant knack for learning set traders up for success. This is why Immediate Edge offers free demo accounts to support the need for continued learning, no matter what your expertise is. Beginners and experts are always welcome to learn and test their trading strategies in a safe environment.

From this review, we established that Immediate Edge is a legitimate and fully legal platform that only partners with the most trustworthy and reputable brokerage firms from around the world.

Traders that do want to go ahead and make their Immediate Edge account can do so by investing as little as $250 as their initial capital. You can then invest more if you wish to or simply withdraw your money from the platform.

Article Disclaimer: None of the contents of this Immediate Edge review should be deemed as financial advice from a certified financial advisor.

Platform Disclaimer: Immediate Edge is not a standalone trading software. Immediate Edge is an intermediary between brokers and traders wherein communication and trade is made easier. This should not be considered a brokerage comparison.

CFD Cryptocurrency Risk Disclaimer: As CFDs are traded under high speculation, the trade of CFDs holds a great risk of negative returns or a complete loss of capital. Trading CFDs is inherently complex, as CFDs are highly leveraged instruments. Trade at your own risk.

The Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) in the UK has issued a policy statement PS20/10, which prohibits the sale, promotion and distribution of crypto CFDs.

We prohibit the dissemination of marketing materials relating to the distribution of CFDs and other financial products based on cryptocurrencies that are addressed to UK residents.