MKR Price Prediction 2030: MakerDAO’s Leverage

Is MKR's current value enough for an optimistic MKR price prediction for 2030? Find out experts' opinions from their technical analyses.
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The most bullish prediction for MKR Price at the moment is at $153,765.81.

Will MKR continue to bring balance to the value of MakerDAO’s DAI? MKR has been MakerDAO’s leverage in ensuring collateral for its credit system, but will it continue to be one in the coming years? This coin price prediction 2030 aims to take a look at MKR’s current price, its future forecasts, and more.

With a market cap of $1,724,034,089, is MKR’s current value enough for an optimistic MKR price prediction for 2030? Find out experts’ opinions from their technical analyses.

MakerDAO’s DeFi 2.0

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Before directly looking into the coin price prediction of MKR, let’s first evaluate the new update from MakerDAO. This will give us a glimpse of what’s in store for us from this cryptocurrency in the future. Additionally, protocol updates are significant as they can affect the value and performance of MKR in the coming years.

MakerDAO has recently launched a new feature dubbed the Dai Direct Deposit Module (D3M). This feature allows the protocol to interact directly with its other market by controlling the supply of DAI directly, which has to be on par with its demand in the market. In return, this gives better rates for users and provides a sufficient amount of supply for DAI. This sufficiency in the supply will impact MKR holders directly due to Maker’s auctions and token burns.

Current Price Performance of MKR

MKR currently has a value of $1,761.59 per token, with a 24-hour trading volume of $65,164,654. Moreover, it is down by 0.15% for the last 24 hours, at the time of writing (March 16). It has a ranging low of $1,724.92 and a high of $1,858.02.

Its current CoinMarketCap ranking is at #54, with a circulating supply of 977,631 MKR coins and a maximum supply of 1,005,577 MKR coins.

Over the last year, MKR has had a good performance, with a low of $1,523.01 and a high of $6,339.02.

MKR Price Prediction 2030

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Most experts see MKR as having good potential for investment. However, it has seen minor fluctuations for the past week. Let’s see what the experts’ technical analyses have to say for its coin price prediction for 2030.

Experts That Are Optimistic On A Bullish Run

  • PricePrediction.Net sees an average trading price of $46,202.50, with a minimum price of $44,517.27 and a maximum price of $56,837.89.
  • Tech News Leader predicts a very bullish price of $69,757.20 in 10 years.
  • estimates a price higher than $19,888.19 in 2030.
  • expects MKR to reach $35,064.42 at the beginning of 2030 and $43,830.53 at the end of the year.
  • Based on the bullish forecast of, MKR is predicted to reach a minimum of $108,180 to a maximum price of $143,649.
  • is most bullish, with a price forecast of $115,798.94 at the beginning of the year 2030, with MKR reaching a maximum price level of $153,765.81 at the end.
  • also expects a growth of $42,681.63 in its coins price forecast at the beginning of the year, which could reach a maximum value of $53,352.03 at the rear.

Experts That Are Optimistic On A Bearish Run

  • TradingBeast, while not exactly bearish, sees not much growth for 2030, with it predicting that the price could only reach a maximum level of $1,882.16392.
  • WalletInvestor, unlike the other bullish predictions, sees a growth of $2,430.4384, which is bearish if you compare it to other coin price predictions.

As observed, most price predictions are bullish; even the bearish predictions show bullish notes, although not much growth is expected based on its current price.

Experts’ Analysis on MKR

DOCTOR CRYPTO on YouTube estimates a bullish run, with a minimum price of $71,111.69 and a maximum price of $87,629.74. The video further discusses that MKR’s average price could be $73,697.39. In conclusion, the user’s overall price prediction forecast for different years is all bullish.

CRYPTOCURRENCY COIN PREDICTION FORECAST ANALYSIS on YouTube likewise expects a bullish run for MKR, reaching a minimum level of $70,678 and a maximum price level of $85,491.16.

Crypto Prince on YouTube estimates that MKR can increase by $100,000 in the future, recommending that MKR can be a good short-term investment.

What Are The Risks Involved?

Every investment always has its risk; hence, it is essential that you are prepared to either gain or lose money. These price predictions are all made for the information of everybody, with a disclaimer that there are no absolutes. Given that, you must understand that further research and advice from finance professionals, like those in eToro, should be pursued. Here are some of the risks to keep in mind:

  • Market Volatility – The first thing that you need to be wary of is the ability of the market to change at any given time. Price fluctuations are normal, so you need to watch out for any losses and gains every second.
  • Competition – Along with the volatility, there is also competition. There are now a lot of cryptocurrencies emerging, all of which are competing for a good price value in the market. You need to be wary, as the gain of the others could mean a loss for you.

MKR Price Prediction 2030 Conclusion

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Most forecasts by experts are bullish, and it is difficult to find a bearish prediction nowadays. If you look at the prices, they could go for six digits in the market. Experts compare its current price to its bullish predictions and see huge potential in this cryptocurrency. However, although not exactly forecasted to be losses, bearish claims don’t see much growth from its current price.

Overall, some experts do see that MKR is not good for the short term, but others are optimistic.

MKR Price Prediction FAQs

One important reminder: price predictions are not meant to be financial or investment advice. What you can do is do more research on your own or contact a professional for their opinion. With that, here are some of the frequently asked questions online and our take on them:

What Is MKR In crypto?

Maker is a lending platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain. It permits users to use ETH in their smart contracts to mint the DAI stablecoin. It is governed by MakerDAO, an organisation composed of MKR token holders.

Is MKR A Good Crypto?

There is a huge potential for MKR to be a good investment with its current price. However, price fluctuations are possible, meaning there is no absolute when it comes to the market.

Can You Mine MKR?

You cannot mine or stake MKR, as it is a governance token made by MakerDAO.

Where Can You Buy MKR?

MKR can be bought in Coinbase, eToro, and other credible trading and exchange platforms supporting cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer of our MKR Price Prediction

This MKR price prediction 2030 is meant to inform users and readers of its future prices. It is not meant as absolute financial advice. Remember, take everything with a grain of salt, and good luck with your future investments!