Quant Price Prediction 2030 | Unstoppable?

This article essentially details almost every reliable Quant price prediction 2030 from experts—long story short, price pump possible!
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If you’re tired of seeing household names such as Bitcoin and Ethereum whenever you browse the internet for new investments in the crypto space, then this article may be for you! We scoured the internet to find some of the most undervalued and underappreciated coins in the cryptocurrency market—Quant cryptocurrency being one of them. This article details almost every reliable Quant price prediction 2030 from experts—long story short, price pump possible!

Before we talk about the fundamentals of the Quant network, let’s start with the most crucial part of any native token analysis: price predictions.

Quant Price Prediction | All systems go!

Ryan Matta

Ryan Matta’s latest Quant Price Prediction for the short-term is still very bullish for the short-term. He thinks the coin can double, triple, and even grow its price by five times soon. His price target for the next couple of weeks is $182.00—which he thinks is very achievable if the market stays bullish. Ryan Matta also believes that QNT’s future price could reach $210.20 in the very near term.

Art of Marketing Blog

Art of Marketing Blog also made a very comprehensive video compiling some of the most recent QNT price predictions for 2022 through 2025. These are some of the most notable ones that he cited:

Wallet Investor: Art of Marketing Blog said this Quant QNT price prediction is the most reasonable and achievable out of all the Quant forecasts he’s seen. Wallet Investor’s one-year forecast for QNT’s average trading price is $561.264.

Digital Coin Price: The website has a Quant price forecast of $532.78 by 2022. It also expects the coin to reach an average price of $883.17 by 2025.

Coin Quora: Their Quant price prediction is slightly more bearish than the ones previously mentioned. Coin Quora’s QNT price prediction for 2022 is $350.00. For 2023, it could hit a maximum price of $550.00.

Minted Max

Minted Max is convinced that QNT is a very undervalued coin. He thinks that there will be a lot of institutional investors buying the Quant token for its use cases. He speculates that the price of QNT will go up a lot. He also thinks that the Quant network’s market capitalisation could easily grow to roughly $5 billion, which would put the price of the Quant token at $350.00.

Keystone Crypto University

Keystone Crypto University looked at Quant from a different angle. He said that QNT’s low maximum supply allows for the price of the native token to go up exponentially and still keep a realistic market capitalisation expectation. He further adds that QNT is one of the best deflationary assets in the world. He also made a bullish QNT market cap forecast of $78 billion.

While these Quant price predictions are all very bullish now, there are still a lot of factors that could affect its current price. Partnerships, restructurings, change of management, expansions, and even new product launches are only some examples that could drive the price of Quant QNT higher or lower in the future.

Here are some of the latest and hottest news about Quant.

Hot news updates

Quant Price Value Surges Due To Growing Interest in CBDCs

The price of QNT rallied amid the increasing network interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). With this, the Quant network is seeking to enable open access to the digital currencies issued by the central bank.

Quant Overledger launch

Quant Network is already revolutionising the cryptocurrency blockchain space. Many analysts think that Quant’s Overledger could prevent another Wormhole hacking incident. Crypto whales are also saying that the network could make the market safer.

What Happened During The Wormhole Incident?

Wormhole is a blockchain bridge—a product that one can use to move assets from one network to another. In the past, a hacker exploited a series of smart contracts on the bridge to validate a false transaction. The hacker, in the end, was able to steal 120,000 wrapped Ethereum coins, all amounting to $326 million.

How Can QNT Help With This?

Quant Network offers a new technology separated from bridgers where one can move their assets. Quant’s interoperability aims to connect every network globally to one another without using such vulnerable bridges. It does this through Overledger—the first-ever blockchain dedicated operating system.

Quant price today

As of writing, QNT is currently trading at $112.74. It has a total supply of 14,612,493 coins—which is also the maximum number of tokens that the network can operate in the market. Its current circulating supply is 12,072,738 QNT.

Historical Quant price value

Quant had an initial coin offering price of $0.27. It peaked at $393.54 in September of 2021 and has settled lower since then. It ended 2021 at $178.82.

Quant technical analysis

The latest technical analysis from InvestingCube showed that QNT is forming a triangle that could indicate a bullish break. Only when the border of this triangle is broken will Quant’s price break down. Nevertheless, InvestingCube said that a slight move upward could open the door for bulls to push Quant up to its resistance levels at $356.4 and $378.4.

Quant FAQs

Quant Price Prediction FAQs

What Does Quant Do?

The Quant project essentially encompasses the Overledger blockchain operating system and its native token: QNT. Both functions ensure interoperability between global blockchains. The system enables linking between networks and chains with more flexibility.

Quant Enterprise and Middleware Products

On top of that, the Quant network is also working on creating business applications aimed at allowing users to benefit from the decentralised nature of the Quant platform and its potential to deliver operability across multiple chains. These fields are some of the most cited circumstances where Quant’s products may be of use:

– Fiat currency gateways

– Electronic health records

– Decentralised messaging solutions

What Are QNT Tokens?

QNT is a token that provides digital access to a particular service or an application which belong to the Quant platform. The access is also provided to both users and developers.

Should I Buy Quant?

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Therefore, price forecasts could change within the blink of an eye. Whether or not you buy or sell Quant should be a decision you make after extensive research and analysis. Do not rely solely on the QNT price predictions found online when executing trades.

Where Can I Buy Quant?

You can buy QNT coins on platforms such as Binance or Coinbase, but it looks like so far, the easiest way is through eToro. eToro’s mobile app and user-friendly website make it convenient for traders to monitor their investments on the go.

Important disclaimer on our Quant Price Prediction

This article should not be considered investment advice. It’s highly recommended that you do your research to determine whether or not you think QNT is a good investment. We will not be liable for any potential losses. Know that cryptocurrency is a highly risky business, so there is always a chance that you could lose your entire capital. Also, keep in mind that the price of Quant is highly volatile. Therefore, the price quotations cited in this article could vary greatly by the time you’re reading this.