Ren Price Prediction 2022 | Price Spike or Not?

Will Ren price prediction 2022 be influenced to surge given its interoperability between blockchains? Discover experts' opinions here.
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With the rise of inter-blockchain enablers, will Ren rise up enough to rake in the most profits? Ren’s defined feature of being inter-blockchain presents various possibilities for its native token, REN. Considering that there are a lot of prominent DApps in the crypto market like Bitcoin and Ethereum, operating between them and actualising great crypto trading has become more challenging these days. Plus, the recent global news has gravely affected the price development of these digital coins. With this Ren price prediction 2022, the price forecast of REN and everything you need to know about the token will be discussed. Read further to determine if it is a profitable investment option and if it makes your portfolio shine in a different light.

Given that Ren is interoperated, it has a $64.2 million trading volume, which posits a productive note. As observed in the charts, the performance of the token screams green, meaning that it has been doing great lately. To provide accurate price predictions, read what crypto experts have to say about the future price of REN.

With that, will Ren’s price prediction 2022 be influenced to surge, given its interoperability between blockchains? Let’s find out the answers from the experts; of course, with technical analysis.

REN Introduction

Relevant Ren Updates For Its Price Analysis This 2022

Abrupt price changes in the cryptocurrency market are highly observed, so let’s take a look at Ren’s major updates first and learn how these developments affect its value. Everyone in the community should be aware of these factors to prepare for its performance’s best and worst outcomes. It is also beneficial to familiarise yourself with these trends to know more about the potential of this crypto asset.

Recently, Ren launched the Catalog that resulted in the skyrocketing of the REN tokens in the crypto market, which is full of altcoins. Another factor that affects its evident bullish trend is the launching of VarenX on Polygon, activation of the Ren Virtual Machine (RenVM), and more of the latest integrations.

These announcements improve the overall operation of Ren, which pose possibilities for updated Ren price predictions. Given these upgrades, Ren expands its reach to cross-chain assets. It also secures them in the process of decentralised exchanges (DEX) as it has a built-in liquidity structure. Additionally, the mechanism provides access for native crypto asset pools and third party DEXs without liquidity constraints to follow.

Historical Data and REN Price Today

Great news, right? Just like its dramatic history! Ren, which embarked in 2018 as a “decentralised dark pool”, has a stagnant performance in the market. It was only two years later when REN prices started to reach a maximum. In February 2020, REN hit its all-time high price of $1.83. After a slight correction, the token managed to ascend again to $1.22 in September of the same year. Fast forward, the current price of REN coins is $0.34, with a market cap of $334.8 million.

According to CoinMarketCap, Ren is placed #146 on the rankings with a 24-hour trading volume of $64.2 million (March 7, 2022). To add, another interesting fact about Ren is its reaching maximum supply of 1 billion REN coins. To buy REN coins, check out reliable sellers like eToro.

REN Price Prediction 2022

If you are planning to invest in crypto coins and are wondering if REN is a good investment, calculate your risk by looking at this forecast and technical analysis by experts that we compiled for you.

REN’s Performance So Far

REN entered 2022 with a bang but did not last that long. By mid-January, its price gradually dropped, starting from $0.54 to 0.34. The difference of its performance from the beginning of January to now might not be that big, but is still significant.

Analysts Believing The Ren Coin Will Go Up

  • Trading Beasts estimates the coin to reach a maximum value of up to $0.58 some time in 2022.
  • The user community in Reddit also anticipates that REN tokens will soar up to a maximum price level of $0.88.
  • A possible price development is expected to happen, as stated by GOV Capital, with REN price expected to skyrocket to $0.87.
  • The price forecast of Coin Quora puts the coin in bullish movement, hitting a highest price of $0.91.
REN Price Prediction

Analysts Believing The Ren Coin Will Go Down

  • Although not implying a bearish trend, Wallet Investor predicts that the minimum price value of REN by the end of 2022 will be $0.012.
  • A REN price forecast, according to Price Prediction, presents an average trading price of $0.46, with a minimum price of $0.45 and a maximum price of $0.52.
  • If the bullish trend is slightly disrupted, the coin might experience a price prognosis, going down to $0.54, as predicted by Digital Coin.

REN Price Prediction (2025-2030)

Analysts expect both a price increase and decrease for REN. Take a look at these long-term predictions to prepare for what’s ahead of you.

  • Tech News Leader predicts a price rise for REN, soaring up to $1.70 by 2025 to $10.08 by 2030.
  • Price Prediction expects it to go up to $3.95 with an average price of $3.30 by 2027.
  • The forecast of Capital Coin believes that REN can reach $4.52 by 2030.

Estimations on REN Crypto As Predicted By Experts

A lot of videos and articles are available on YouTube and credible websites online, respectively. You can check them out for more information, especially if you are doing your own research. Cilinix Crypto on YouTube claims that REN will be getting a nice bullish touch later this year – up to $0.45. However, if it does not manage to break the ongoing $0.38 trend, it might remain stagnant and increase only a bit.

Why Ren Is Popular Among Investors?

With the information provided above, it is understandable for many people to find the token interesting, adding more REN investors in the crypto market. Still, these price predictions serve as estimations and not a sole reference for investment decisions. Still, as evident in this quantitative data, Ren poses a great potential. Why is this?

REN, its coin symbol, is based on the Ethereum blockchain that provides power to Ren’s open protocol to assist the transaction of transferring cryptocurrencies between different blockchains. It delivers crypto assets to major players like Zcash and Bitcoin to Ethereum blockchains and make multichain decentralisation possible.

Furthermore, the Ren ecosystem functions to build and deploy applications that utilise zk-SNARK. This allows applications to perform in a fault-tolerant environment similar to the existing blockchains.



This Ren price prediction 2022 provides data from analysts and experts online. While you may find this insightful, there is a lot more to explore to know better about REN predictions. These are some questions with answers provided that may help in your research:

Where Can I Buy REN Crypto?

As potential investors, it is expected that you are already aware of the risks involved in investing. Look for credible websites that sell REN. One of the suggestions is eToro.

Can REN Reach $10

Everything is volatile in the cryptocurrency market but REN still has potential. According to, it might hit $10 in 2030 if the bullish movement continues.

Is Ren A Good Investment in 2022?

Based on the data we gathered while investigating that presented above, the price of REN is inclining more to a comforting prospect. As of now, it exhibits good performance, so it might be safe to play. Still, keep smart and aware of market turbulences as everything is always subject to change.

How Many REN Coins Are There?

Currently, there are 999,037,500 REN coins in the circulating supply. It is also notable that the token has already reached its maximum supply. Thus, it can no longer be minted.

Disclaimer on our REN Price Prediction

Ren and any other applications in the cryptocurrency market are volatile. While it is evident that Ren has potential, the future price of REN will change from time to time. This Ren Price Prediction 2022 article aims to inform only and should not be taken as the only reference for decision-making. Financial advice from accredited analysts is encouraged, especially if you are risking a great amount of crypto money. For those who are doing their own research with plans of investing, may the odds be in your favour.