The Graph Price Prediction 2030: Powering DApps

Will its connection to DApps and Web3 be enough to put The Graph price prediction 2030 in bright light? Learn the experts' estimations.
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The highest Graph Price Prediction for 2030 is $25.69.

Will the power crypto continue its bullish run in 2030? It might be a challenge to surpass its maximum price, but it is possible with its reach to multiple networks and applications like Ethereum and IPFS.

Read this The Graph price prediction 2030 to know if you can acquire bigger assets in the future. This article will discuss the performance of The Graph and what’s happening in its ecosystem that could affect its price value.

The Graph is up for $4.86% based on CoinMarketCap’s chart with a current trading volume of $190.6 million, exhibiting a continued bullish trend from its previous performances. With this data, any GRT coin holders expect it to exceed its maximum price level while others are prepared for the worst.

Will its connection to DApps and Web3 be enough to put The Graph price prediction 2030 in bright light? Learn the experts’ estimations and determine if it’s a good investment and if it’s worth putting in your portfolio.

The Graph Features that Could Affect Its Price by 2030

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Before looking at the numbers, it’s important to know why experts arrive at such data. Several factors were identified to affect The Graph’s price movements in their technical analysis. By knowing these factors, you can prepare yourself in times of market turbulence.

The Graph and its native token, GRT, is an indexing protocol for major players in the cryptocurrency market like Ethereum and IPFS. Users retrieve blockchain with subgraphs through its feature called GraphQL. That said, check out these developments made in the ecosystem:

Arweave: Arweave is a popular protocol in the DeFi that functions as a permanent and sustainable data storage. This integration enabled The Graph to access Arweave’s stored data.

zkSync: The Graph supports zkSync, allowing subgraphs to read and organise zkSync’s data.

More Partnerships: The Graph network expanded its partnerships to more major players like Solana, Celo, and Polkadot. These collaborations resulted in a price increase.

Historical Data and The Graph Price Today

The Graph was launched in 2018 to query data for DApps and other supported networks. Despite its ICO happening four years ago, the coin only reached its maximum price level of $2.34 in February 2021. Since then, the coin exchange report exhibited bullish movement. Its second spike happened only a few months after, reaching $2.10 in April.

The Graph is indeed up at the moment with its CoinMarketCap’s high rank of #56. It currently has a market cap of $1.9 billion, with the GRT coin price at $0.41.

There are 4.7 billion coins in the circulating supply as of March 22. Users can mint more tokens in its maximum supply of 10 billion coins.

GRT Price Forecast 2030

With The Graph’s current price, it is understandable why some analysts anticipate a price increase in the future. Meanwhile, other estimations are on the safe playing ground considering that its market capitalisation is small. Take a look at the technical analysis from various sources:

Analysts Believing The Graph Coin Will Go Up

  • Crytonic anticipates it to arrive at $25.69 by 2030.
  • The coin price forecast of Price Prediction is $12.27 for the average price and $14.61 for a maximum price by 2030.
  • A good upward trend is expected by Tech News Leader, reaching $14.63 by 2030.

Analysts Believing The Graph Coin Will Go Down

  • Although not bearish, the coin might only attain an average price level of $9.50 by 2030, as stated by ICO Creed.
  • The price of The Graph in 2030 could reach $2.78 by 2030, according to The Graph technical analysis of Coin Price Forecast.
  • Digital Coin is not too optimistic with the price of The Graph. The expected The Graph value in 2030 is only $1.87 for the average value going up to $1.93.

Experts’ Estimations and Prediction on The Graph’s Price

Crypto Never Sleeps emphasises Public Infrastructure as the main factor for the crypto’s future price. Hence, he believes that the coin has a huge potential in the crypto market. Later on, he presented price predictions from various sources.

InvestAnswers explain a detailed study about The Graph. Since the ecosystem has great numbers and partnerships, he believes it could reach $9.81. However, if the upward trend is disrupted, it could also mean that the price would not be as high as predicted. It could only reach $4.90 by 2030.

BitBoy Crypto is one of the most popular YouTubers for cryptocurrency. He explained the excitement of the community for The Graph’s growth. The video revealed the networks’ features, developments, and future partnerships that could affect its price in the future. It could experience a price rise of $10 by 2030.

How Risky Is The Graph As An Investment?

It is evident that the GRT token is in a bullish run right now, but being complacent puts you nowhere. In other words, it is still crucial to be aware and prepared for the worst. We also highly encourage potential investors to use trusted websites like eToro to lessen other risks. That said, below are the risks specific to investing in The Graph:

  • New Protocols Inventions: The advent of new protocols could either be good or bad for the token. If The Graph users remain in the network, it could increase its price value. However, a price decrease is also possible if new cryptocurrencies promote more attractive deals.
  • New Token Progression: There are many hurdles to its adoption since GRT is still a new token. If you are more inclined to the Bitcoin blockchain, it poses a negative connotation because it is only used by Ethereum at the moment.

GRT Forecast Price Conclusion

the graph price prediction conclusion

As investors, it is understandable why most analysts are optimistic about The Graph’s growth. Although, every The Graph forecast should not be regarded as the main source for investment decisions. Given its risks, you could lose your capital or not earn a large sum, especially if it only soars up to $1.93 by 2030. However, with the current GRT price, you could also hope for a profitable investment if it goes up to $25.69 by 2030. 

Although the data shouldn’t be regarded as the ultimate truth, you can still use these numbers to help you assess the pros and cons of investing in The Graph.

The Graph Price Prediction FAQs

Learn more about The Graph price value by reading these FAQs by the community.

When Did The Graph Coin Start?

A team of professionals in 2019 founded The Graph as Yaniv Tal, Brandon Ramirez, and Jannis Pohlmann initially established the network.

Does The Graph Crypto Have A Future?

It could reach $25.69 by 2030, according to Crytonic. Most analysts also gauge price rise.

How High Can The Graph Crypto Go?

In five years, it could skyrocket to $5.25. By 2030, it could ascend from $23.68 to $25.69.

Where To Buy A GRT Token?

There are numerous e-wallets available online that offer services to safeguard your crypto. Make sure to choose trusted brokers like eToro for full protection.

Author’s Note on The Graph Price Prediction

While writing this article, the author’s goal is to provide information to future investors. While it provides data and could serve as a reference, it should not be your only source in decision-making. After all, the crypto market is inherently volatile, so keep your expectations in check.